NaturePornLocke is a variant of nuzlocke that restricts the usable Pokemon to four types. To determine your types you must go to and enter the subrredit Earth Porn, which revolves around nature pics. You have to open the first pic that you see in the list and, in base to the elements there, you have to pick a maximum of four types for your challenge. if your pic doesn't get enough types, you may optionally look at another one.

How to identify types in a picture:

-Normal - Wild Mammal.

-Bug - Wild invertebrate animal.

-Poison - Any wild animal/plant/fungi that you know it's poisonous.

-Water - Flowing water or rain.

-Fire - The Sun or a volcano.

-Grass - Any plant.

-Electric - Black clouds and thunderbolts.

-Flying - Any bird.

-Ice - Ice or snow.

-Rock - Rocky terrain or big rocks.

-Ground - Soil, sand or small rocks.

-Fairy - Flowers.

-Dark - Darkness (night or a cave).

-Fighting - Anything man-made.

-Psychic - The Aurora or Dawn.

-Ghost - Dead plants.

You can use any pokemon with double type if one of it's types is on your chosen types. Optionally apply any clauses/ rules from other nuzlocke modes.

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