The cover of Ky-nim's White Nuzlocke comic "Myths of Unova"

A sequel to "Tales of Sinnoh ", Myths of Unova is set at least ten years after the end of its predecessor. The comic follows a different protagonist, Nina, as she starts her League Challenge in Unova. Drawn once again by Ky-nim, it started on 7th April 2011. It is one of the more popular 5th gen comic runs.

The rulesEdit

  1. Pokemon that faints gets released/boxed an cannot be used again.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be captured.
  3. Duplicates (the whole evolution line) can't be caught as long as you have a pokemon in that evo line is alive in the PC/team.
  4. Legendaries can't be caught except Zekrom (due to game plot)
  5. Healing items are prohibited
  6. Non-healing held items are allowed
  7. Pinwheel forest (outside and inside) count as separate areas
  8. Pokemon catching rules are ignored if a shiny is encountered


Supposedly a much "darker" sequel to the Diamond run, Myths of Unova starts out on a fairly happy note as Nina and her two friends Cheren and Bianca start out on their Pokemon journey. But as the plot progresses, the story does prove to be a bit more serious (despite some very good jokes and laughs in between), and the deaths that happen do hit hard. 

The art style at first is a bit similar to the Diamond run but as the comic progresses, the style definitely becomes more distinct. Each of the update comics are fully colored beautifully to show each of the different Unova landmarks.


  • Thus far, Nina and N seem to be the only one who can understand and talk fluently with Pokemon. The author promises other people in this region will also have that ability.
  • Although not featured in the main comic, Ky-nim draws gijinkas of the Pokemon caught in the game.
  • Unlike Diamond run, this comic places a greater focus on the Pokemon characters. Ky-nim often draws Extra Comics to show more info about these characters that were not included in the main comic.
  • Myths of Unova has been nominated in the Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza 2011 for the following categories: Best Comic, Best Comeback, Best Extra Character and Best Art Style. It won Best Comeback, Best Extra Character, and Best Art Style.
  • The main character of the nuzlocke Nina is actually the daughter of the protaginist from the previous nuzlocke, Kynim.


The comic is available on Smackjeeves , deviantArt and in its Nuzlocke Forums thread . Ky-nim also has a tumblr and twitter where she will post progress on her updates and post random comic info that may not be posted elsewhere.

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