The Mudlocke Challenge, or just Mudlocke for short, is a MUCH harder variation of the popular Nuzlocke Challenge. Unlike the Nuzlocke challenge, the Mudlocke Challenge can only be preformed in generation 3 Pokemon games (Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Saphire), without the use of a cheating device. The Mudlocke Challenge originated from the Twitch user, "PurpleMudkip7", while casually talking to the Twitch user, "DkKoba".

The name "Mudlocke Challenge" comes from a combination of the words "Mudkip" and "Nuzlocke Challange. The word "Mudkip" was chosen because it was part of the creator's name. It soons because popular in the Twitch user "DkKoba"'s channel.


Similar to how the Nuzlocke Challenge first began, the Mudlocke challenge has very few rules. The Mudlocke challenge only has seven rules that must be followed.

  • The player's starter Pokemon must be a Mudkip
  • If the Mudkip is a regular blue Mudkip, then the player is allowed to evolve the Mudkip to Swampert.
    • If the regular blue Mudkip, Marshtomp, or Swampert faints, then the challenge is over and the player looses.
  • If the Mudkip is a shiny purple Mudkip, then the player is NOT allowed to evolve the Mudkip.
    • The shiny purple Mudkip is allowed to faint a total of five times. After the fifth time the Mudkip has fainted, the challenge is over and the player looses.
  • Except for one single HM slave, the player is allowed to catch only 1 other Pokemon

The player may add additional rules to their play through of the Mudlocke Challenge, but these original six must be followed.