The first appearance of Mr. Humpy

Mr. Humpy was one of Nuzlocke's pokemon.


Mr. Humpy was the 7th of Ruby's Pokemon introduced in Ruby: Hard-Mode, first appearing in Episode 4, The Greatest Plan Ever Conceived.

Mr. Humpy was a Numel, caught on Route 112.

Mr. Humpy would become one of Ruby's most valuable teammates, sticking with him until the late Elite Four.

Gender ConfusionEdit

Though labled as a "Mr.", Mr. Humpy was actually female, and initially showed disapproval towards her name. It should also be noted, that even after death, Sceptile called her a 'he' indicating that the whole team didn't know her gender.


When facing the final Elite 4 member, Drake, Ruby wasn't sure if Katie could be relied on for the entire fight, and hoped that Mr. Humpy and her Rock Slide attack would assist in weakening Drake's flying-type dragons. This proved to be a costly mistake as Mr. Humpy recieved a fatal critical hit from Drake's Salamence, making her the second of Ruby's final team to fall. Katie quickly came in and OHKO'ed Salamence with Ice Beam, although she was lectured by Sceptile for not being strong enough, and for causing her death.

Some speculate that if Mr. Humpy had survived the battle she could have been instrumental in defeating Steven's Metagross, which ended up killing Absol, Walrein, and Sceptile.

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