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Adventures in Kanto, previously titled Milo's Leaf Green Nuzlocke, is a Nuzlocke comic run based off of Leaf Green.  It stars Milo, a ten year old boy who is quite suddenly thrown into he adventures of being a Pokemon trainer.

Milo is an ordinary kid from Pallet Town, when Professor Oak somehow shows up in his bedroom and scares him awake with a very odd question. After Milo runs an errand for the Professor, and teases Gary Oak, he decides to set out on his own Pokemon journey that includes a psychotic rat, a hyper Charmander, a philosophical monkey, and a criminal syndicate armed with Zubats. Things aren't as they seem, however, and Milo soon discovers that something more sinister might be lurking in the background of his adventure.


  1. If a pokemon faints, it's considered dead and must be placed in the "Graveyard" box
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be caught, and none others
    • No duplicates
    • If a wild Pokemon flees or faints upon trying to catch it, no more chances are allowed on that route to catch a Pokemon
    • If Pokeballs run out trying to catch a wild Pokemon, there are no more allowed chances to catch a Pokemon for that route
    • A catch for a route includes Pokemon that can be caught via fishing (if a Pokemon has already been caught in the tall grass of that route, a Pokemon cannot be caught via fishing as well on that route)
    • In the case of the Safari Zone, one catch is allowed per area/section
    • The exception to the rule is the Shiny Clause
  3. Nickname all catches
  4. Starter Pokemon is based off of the last digit of the Trainer ID; 1-3 is a grass-type, 4-6 is a fire-type, 7-9 is a water-type, 0 is player's choice
  5. If the party is full, another Pokemon is not allowed to be caught
    • Going back to a previous route to catch a Pokemon if a team member falls and there is nobody to replace him/her/it is prohibited
    • The exception to the rule would be: Shiny Pokemon, special Pokemon (such as Eevee), one-time Pokemon (such as Snorlax or Sudowoodo), and/or event Pokemon (such as Game Corner Pokemon or Bug Contest Pokemon)
  6. In the case that a party member dies, to determine which boxed Pokemon is withdrawn in the case of a special Pokemon being in there and an open route ahead where a potential new teammate is successfully caught, a dice is rolled to determine who joins the party
  7. Party Pokemon cannot be swapped with boxed Pokemon
  8. No HM slaves are allowed
    • Exception to the rule is in the case where an HM move is required to proceed with the game and none of the party Pokemon can learn it
  9. Legendary Pokemon cannot be caught or used
    • Pokemon from fossils do not count under this rule
  10. No trading allowed (in-game or via connection)
  11. Pokemon cannot be put in daycare
  12. Must use the same amount (or less) of Pokemon as an opponent in trainer, rival, and gym battles


Drawn in a chibi-esque full page comic style and updated weekly, the comic is still new but has over 30 pages (and a special April Fool's page) already amassed. It is more character driven than plot driven, though a plot is starting to show up to make it more interesting than just a generic comic sort of "let's play" of a Pokemon game.


  • The character "Fang" swears and curses the most in the comic, which has remained uncensored in order to give a better feel for her character.
  • The dynamic relationship between Milo's Mankey "Monk", and his Ratatta "Fang", wasn't planned originally, yet has become a favored (and fun to write) interaction


The comic can be found on deviantart, and more information can be found on its Nuzlocke forum page.

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