This is a Nuzlocke variant I created. This can only be played in games with Mewtwo, hence the name.

Mewtwo has sensed a strong Trainer come to its region, and has cursed him/her by only letting this Trainer catch the first Pokémon in the area and boxing any fainted Pokémon. Defeating Mewtwo will lift this curse and you will be free!


-If a Pokémon faints, it gets put in the "Fainted" box.

-Other caught Pokémon get put in the "Other Teammates"/"Non Fainted" box.

-HM Slaves can be used for HMs only. Not in battle. Also, HM Slaves can be used even if they faint, but only if they are still needed.

-First catch rule, like always

-First catch rule exception: If your first encounter is the same type as your starter (Grass, Fire, Water), then you can either catch it OR get 3 chances to get a non-same type Pokémon.

-After beating ALL Gym Leaders, you can heal all your Fainted Pokémon. The same applies to the E4 and Champion.

-With your full team, take on Mewtwo. You MUST defeat it. If you win, then the curse is lifted and you no longer have to play as a Nuzlocke.

-Also, if you EVER lose your Starter, it's Game Over. Whenever you black/white out, it's also Game Over.

-Dupes clause is on.

-TMs only after 4th badge.

-HMs whenever.

-Healing items are allowed. Obviously no Revives/Max Revives.

Some parts I find are easier than normal Nuzlocke and some parts I find are harder.

Please try out and review in the comments!

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