Many YouTubers released videos of a Nuzlocke variant that entails the use of metonome; the rules were not really known or created specifically. YouTuber YourFriedBread released a let's play of Pokémon Fire Red and decided he would incorporate his favourite Pokémon move, Metronome, in it, but with no patchwork with all Pokémon knowing Metronome.

  • Standard Nuzlocke Rules apply.
  • All Pokémon to be used in battles must learn the move Metronome. The move must be manually edited or an Action Replay/GameShark/CodeBreaker Code must be used to teach Metronome.
  • In a trainer battle, Metronome must be used at least once. Failing to use Metronome causes the player to permenantly remove the last Pokémon sent out to battle from the team.
  • In an important battle (Gym Leaders, Totem Pokémon, Rivals, ect), a Pokémon must use Metronome at least once in order to switch out. Switching it out without the use of Metronome and not switching it in net turn means it must be permenantly removed from the team.

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