Cover by azalonozul

The comic's cover, drawn by azalonozul.

Matt's Sinnoh Nuzlocke Adventure is an ongoing, hand drawn Nuzlocke comic drawn by mapsal313. 

Starting as a run on a Diamond ROM, continued as a Pearl ROM run from Eterna forest and onwards, due to some technical proiblems that forced mapsal to transfer his save to a Pearl ROM. The comic started on December, 2012, and is still running. It's drawn in black and white, originally shading with ink, later with pencil, and currently with coloured pencil in the newest pages. Although mapsal's drawing skills are not great, he's improving page after page.


Mapsal uses the standard Nuzlocke rules of cathing the first pokemon in each area, and boxing fainted pokemon, as well as naming each pokemon.


The comic is starring Matt, a sixteen year old teenager that watches TV all day, and because of a broadcast about the Red Gyarados, his friend Barry makes Matt come with him to Lake Verity, in hopes of finding the rare Red Gyarados. There Matt meets his starter, Soil, a quirky Turtwig that later becomes a ninja turtle, and starts his journey across Sinnoh. There are many gags throughout the comic, like the time when Matt meets Dawn in Jubilife and asks her "What's up?", resulting to her replying "The sky. Oh, and a flock of Starly."


Matt's Sinnoh Nuzlocke Adventure can currently be found on mapsal's deviantArt.

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