Marty (Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke)

Marty, appearing as his Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus form from Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke.

Marty is the nuzlocke avatar of Bowser-the-King/Shiramu-Kuromu used in place of the traditional player characters, or human characters for that matter. Marty is essentially the embodiment of all Mecha of Red, or essentially all of Super Sentai history summed up into one being. While Marty does have power, he ironically enough has to use Pokemon much smaller than himself in-order to get through a region at all.

As for Bowser-the-King himself, he can often be a bit crazy, but tends to be a very nice guy. He took different routes as to how he did his comic, choosing to go for a more story based Nuzlocke that differs greatly from other Nuzlockes. As of 11/9/2015, the comic is on hiatus, and Bowser-the-King is now known as Chronicle-King. Currently, the comic has progressed into the Diamond Nuzlocke arc.


Choice of Starter PokemonEdit

Ever since the first playthrough, all of the Starters chosen by Chronicle-King are Water Starters. Chronicle-King often seems to state that out of every starter in the game, the Water Starters are the only ones who can traditionally "wreck the whole game" compared to either Grass or Fire Starters. He reasons that in every generation, all Water Starter Pokemon are capable of learning Ice Type Attacks, and thus Grass Starter Rivals are no longer a problem once said attacks are used. Not only that, but any other rival that uses the Fire Type starter would be demolished from Water Type STAB. However, this came at the cost of many of the advantages of some of the other Starter Types (such as the Fire Types effectiveness, the Grass Type's status moves for capture, among other things).


Pokemon Blue NuzlockeEdit

In this season he is Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus of Zyuranger. Blue Nuzlocke almost immediately begins with Marty walking up to Professor Oak and demanding a Squirtle, who he chooses to name Shirobon. Despite the events of the prequel, he has no memories of anything that happened prior to this, so he just proceeds without bringing up anything. Throughout the journey, Marty catches Louie (Raticate), Birdy (Pidgeot), Shout (Butterfree), Mujoe (Gyarados), and Bongo (Golem), the latter becoming Golem due to being able to trade evolve Graveler into Golem without much difficulty.

Throughout the Nuzlocke, Marty doesn't do that much even as his imposing form of an 90 foot Mecha, but eventually Marty stumbles upon Lavender Town, and sees a prophecy on Pokemon Tower, in which he is depicted as a monstrous destroyer of life, and that during his rule a life will be lost, only to be revived by Ho-Oh years later. Also noted that while Marty can be stopped, he'll only be stopped for the same amount of time, before he emerges as what is only then hinted to be a Chinese Dragon form.

At the end of the Nuzlocke, Shirobon manages to dodge Max's (Gary's Venusaur) Solar Beam, only for the attack to hit Marty instead, which causes a power surge that leads to Marty gathering the other components to the legendary Daizyujin. At this point Louie left the team, Birdy and Shout are deceased, and the only one who manages to survive Marty's wrath is Shirobon and Zero (Mewtwo), before Marty heads into limbo for about 3 years.

Pokemon Gold NuzlockeEdit

At the very beginning, Marty is woken by an Alarm Clock, only to simply destroy it with his fire breath of his new Mythical Chi Beast RyuuseiOh form of Dairanger. He has no memories of what happened in the prior Nuzlocke, though each time something even slightly resembling something he did 3 years earlier will send him into a KO'd state, only to be re-awoken by being punched by either his starter, K.Rool (Feraligatr), or by Silver(or the latter's Haunter).

As Marty's old team tries to find a way to Johto, Marty eventually goes nuts over his amnesia-like state, and combines with the other Dairanger Mecha into DairenOh, only to be stopped by Dragongod (Dragonite from Blue Nuzlocke), who immediately puts Marty's rampage to an end by transforming into Daijinryuu. Afterwards, Marty makes his way to the Elite Four with his full team of K.Rool, Swiper (Furret), Rosa (Noctowl), Yosemite (Ariados), Shepard (Ampharos), and Rango (Umbreon). He manages to beat the Elite Four, without a single death, and is given the hint as to who he needs to find by the name of Argentino (Tyranitar).

On his way to Kanto, both his Johto and Kanto team meet up and group together to take on the numerous threats of Kanto, even succeeding in catching Raikou in the process. The Beasts are required to be caught as part of Shirobon's plan to revive Shout, as Zero awaits for each of the three beasts to be caught so that the seal to Lugia is broken, and finally be able to get his revenge against the Silver Legendary.

Marty, however, disappears before he can see his own team succeeding at what they need to do, and thus years pass as Marty eventually re-awakens in Hoenn...

Pokemon Sapphire NuzlockeEdit

Taking on the form of GaoLion from Gaoranger, Marty immediately makes himself known by roaring away the scenery and obtaining James (Swampert), who happens to be mute. Marty not only retains his memory of his past journeys in this season, but he can also combine with his counterpart Mecha with little difficulty.

In a multi-part crossover, Marty takes on another universe's Giratina as Giratina hijacks V-Rex of Timeranger, and he and Marty battle, only for Marty to succeed and V-Rex being freed of control and travelling to Orre to stop an impending crisis.

At the end of Sapphire Nuzlocke, Marty is joined up by a team of many Super Sentai robos which all merge with him so that he is at full power for the impending showdown in the Sinnoh Region; The showdown against Arceus, who is the main villain of the entire Nuzlocke run.

Pokemon Diamond NuzlockeEdit

Marty, as Hurricane Hawk from Hurricanger, blows up a storm upon his entry and immediately chooses Doc (Empoleon) as his starter of choice. As a minor running gag in the beginning of the story, Marty is making modifications to his overall appearance because of the artist's inability to properly draw Hurricane Hawk's wings, before finally settling on a design that overall works without effecting the combination forms.

Here, Marty's backstory is more brought up; he became his numerous formed mecha self by being cursed by an evil Mew, who is also responsible for cursing the evil Legendary Pokemon into what they are now. In addition to that, but Marty possibly acquiring a love interest in the form of Cheryl pops up relatively early into the story. However, at the same time, the evil Arceus is dreading his own life and uses his omnipotence to hack in various moves, abilities, and techniques from later games into Diamond, and thus Marty suffers a facial scar from a Mega Garchomp's onslaught.

Catching the Mega Garchomp gives Marty the Pokemon he needs to complete this region, whom he names Jaws. However, this defeat of Arceus's direct attack ends up enraging the physical god into a state of dementia that Marty and his team of surviving Pokemon must be truly prepared for...

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