A Magical Girl Nuzlocke (MG Nuzlocke) is a gijinka-like nuzlocke written and drawn by Kittycara.  It consists of three chapters: Yellow, Emerald, and White 2.  The series is described by the author as "a cross between Shugo Chara, Pretty Cure, and Pokemon."

Current run: Yellow (Started July, 2012)
File:MG Cover 2.jpg

Next runs: Emerald, White 2


Xanthe Shepard-Silph:  Human (F), Quiet nature, met at age 10.

The main character for the Yellow chapter of MG Nuzlocke.  She starts her journey partially for the sake of travelling, partially to leave her lonely home behind.

Family: Gera "Gammy"- Mathernal grandmother; unnamed mother; Perceus- father (deceased)

Current team: Zeus 

-Her usual silence and blank stares make people think she's an airhead (and it doesn't help that she's blonde), but she just firmly believes that "You can't say what you didn't mean to if  you don't say anything." 

-She is slow to anger and rarely loses control, but even Xanthe has her limits.

-She's a excellent tactition, but has some trouble relying on her instincs. 

-Her main battle style is to conserve energy and land a final, powerful blow.

Emily Ayala: Human (F), Hasty nature, met at age 13.

Xanthe's main rival.  She appears haughty, but she has her kind moments, especially for underdogs.

Current team: Eevee (no nickname)

-She has a bad habit of speaking before thinking and its gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion.  Despite this, if she knows she said something wrong she'll apologize.

-She has a deep admiration to the person she calls "Boss," whom she secretly thinks of as an adopted mother.

-Her main battle style is to strike first, catching her opponent off guard.


Zeus: Pikachu (M), Bold nature, Met at LV 5.  Status: Active

Xanthe's starter Pokemon.  Though first seen being chased by Emily all the way from Viridian Forest to Pallet Town, he chooses to fight with Xanthe.  He is incredably loyal to Xanthe and enjoys being treated with mutual love and respect.

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