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Macktavious is a popular user on the Nuzlocke Forum who has created a wide array of different screenshot runs, many with interesting and creative rulesets to go along with them. He has been an active user on the Nuzlocke Forums since March 11th, 2012. Mack is credited for creating the Povertylocke, Contestlocke, and Superless runs. He is currently doing a modified version of Shuppeteer's Alphabetlocke, in Black 2


Macktavious has made a total of 11 different runs during his time on the forums, 7 of which were completed, 3 abandoned, and 1 currently ongoing.

Completed RunsEdit

  • The Fabulous Sapphire Contest-Locke: Mack's first screenshot run, and his first successful documented run, taking place in Sapphire. It was also his first and only run to have him play as the female protagonist. This run also had a creative ruleset, that centered around contests. Certain gyms had a contest requirement that must be fulfilled before challenging said gym. He could not challenge Wattson until he had won at least 2 different Normal-Rank contests, Norman until he had won 3 different Super-Rank contests, Tate and Liza until he had won 4 different Hyper-Rank contests, and he could not challenge the Elite Four until all five portrait frames in the gallery were filled. His Elite Four team must consist of his 5 portrait Pokemon. Mack would occasionally switch the run from commentary style to a story version, most notably in the battle against Steven.
  • The Poverty Run - Emerald: Mack's second completed screenshot run, and the first of the Poverty trilogy. This run was an Emerald run, of course, with a very innovative ruleset, which prevented the player from using any money gained from defeating trainers. The only usable money is the $3000 recieved at the beginning of the game, and money gained from selling items. Mack was also only allowed to buy 1 Poke Ball per mart, he could not use the Amulet Coin for gym battles, and he could not use the Game Corner.
  • The Poverty Run - FireRed: The FireRed Poverty Run was Mack's third completed screenshot run, and his second poverty run of three. The run expanded upon the Povertylocke ruleset, by making the game even more difficult. He was not allowed to sell any TMs, infinite items (berries), or stat-boosting drugs. Any area that heals Pokemon also now costs money to use. The cost was $50, which increased by $50 with every badge obtained. He also added the concept of being "in debt". While in debt, he could spend money gained from defeating trainers, but he could not challenge a gym or the Elite Four while in debt. He was also only allowed to carry more than 50 items at a time, TMs and Key Items exempt. While Mack exempt these items due to him thinking they were not able to be sold, it was only Key Items and HMs that were unsellable. It is not known whether he realized this or not, but the rule stayed the way it was either way.
  • The Clueless Poverty Run - Diamond: The third, and most recent poverty run done by Mack. The run was done completely blind, adding to the challenge. Once again, he expanded upon the Povertylocke ruleset, decreasing the item limit to 25, and having a 5% decrease in selling value of items with each defeated gym. By the 8th gym, items would only be worth 60% of their actual selling price. Selling of Incense items was also banned shortly after Mack realized how much they were worth.
  • Fruity! The Delicious Berries Nuzlocke Challenge: Mack's fifth completed screenshot run, taking place in Emerald. In this run, Mack brought up the idea of what Pokemon would be like if there were no such thing as Potions. The basic premise of this run explores that topic by Mack only allowing himself to use various Berries, Lava Cookies, Soda Pops, and the like. Any other healing items were banned from usage. To further the idea of Berries being the main premise of this run, only four types of Pokemon could be used. Grass, for obvious reasons, and Fire, Water, and Ground, as these are all the things actual berries need to grow. (Sunlight, water, and soil.) The other rule of this run was that if possible, his main team should only contain Grass types. Mack did, however, break this rule towards the end of the run when he decided to add his Spheal to his Elite Four team instead of his Cacnea.
  • Beetles and Mack go Bug Catching!: Mack's completed screenshot run, originally planned to take place in HeartGold. However, due to the tendency of HeartGold and SoulSilver roms to be extremely glitchy and/or unplayable, the run took place in Gold instead. This is also Mack's first Reactionlocke, which is essentially a regular nuzlocke run but with screencaps of the player's reactions to what happens in game. Because of this, there are a lot more opportunities for visual jokes. More notably, this is a monotype run, with Bug being the only usable type.
  • Labz and Mack - Superless Platinum!: Mack's seventh completed screenshot run, and also his most popular of his completed runs. Upon realizing that his main strategy in most of his runs is to repeatedly use super-effective moves, Mack decided to create a run that fixed this problem. The main premise of Superless Platinum is that using a move that triggered the message "It's super-effective!" would mean death for the user of the move. This adds a completely new layer of strategy to the game much deeper than just "spam super-effective moves". It makes for a much more difficult and interesting experience, and really gets you thinking of how to beat a certain trainer without using any SE moves.

Abandoned RunsEdit

  • Mack's LeafGreen Nuzlocke: This run was Mack's first run on the forum, and unlike the majority of his other runs, this one was a storylocke as opposed to a screenshot run. Mack decided to stop updating this run due to him having more fun with the other two runs he had ongoing at the time. (The Emerald Poverty Run and the Fabulous Sapphire Contest-Locke.) The run was abandoned in the Rocket Hideout of Celadon City.
  • Crossing Paths - Miles's Gold Parallel Storylocke: This run was Mack's second attempt at a storylocke, which he did alongside his brother, known as Fang on the Nuzlocke Forum, who was playing Silver. The run only had one update, and it was never explained by Mack or Fang as to why they had abandoned it.
  • Chasing Remnants: Chasing Remnants was Mack's first attempt at a storyshot run, and his most recent attempt of having a run with any form of story in it. This run was done alongside a friend of Mack's, chetoos, in FireRed Omega. Notably, this is Mack's only run of a rom hack. The run was promptly abandoned while Alex, the main character, was travelling through Mt. Moon.

Ongoing RunsEdit

  • The ABC-Locke!: Currently Mack's only ongoing run, this takes place in Black 2, with a ruleset borrowed and modified from another user, Shuppeteer. The ruleset was based off of Shuppeteer's Alphabetlocke which forced the player to use the first six Pokemon they owned in alphabetical order. Realizing that while the Alphabetlocke was a good idea, it finalized the player's team very quickly. So Mack made a few rule changes to the run in order to remedy this problem. Instead of using the original ruleset, Mack would have his team rotate between species names, nicknames, PokeDex classifications. The rotation would occur each time Mack either enters a new town or defeats a gym leader. This run is also the second Reactionlocke Mack has done. He is currently preparing for the Pokemon League with 58 updates so far.

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