Cover of the Nuzlocke

The first of many Nuzlockes to come from RosaDunsparce (Lucivire) over at DeviantArt. The long journey starts off with a 10-year-old girl named Luci as she sets out on her first Pokemon journey. The game is complete, the first page being uploaded on April 4th, 2013. The comic series is still going, with no definite end just yet.

Da RulesEdit

1. Faint = Dead, box it (I do this for reference and to keep track of pokemon I lost).

2. Name each Pokemon

3. 1st Pokemon of each area, BUT Dupes Clause is in effect to promote more diversity of caught Pokemon. Evolutions of already caught pokemon still count towards the encounter.

4. Lose the whole team != game over (just withdraw a new team from the PC and grind like mad)

5. No use of Legendaries, but they can be caught (For show, I guess).


A 10-year-old girl by the name of Luci starts off her journey as a Pokemon trainer. With her starter, Terry the Bulbasaur, they set out to collect the gym badges and take on the Elite 4. The theme of the series is more directed as being "cute and sweet", to express the Pokemon world through Luci's eyes. Terry acts as a guide to make sure she doesn't mess up along her way. 


  • A feature yet to be uploaded are written pieces to give the Pokemon on Luci's team more character development, along with Luci herself sometimes. The pieces are to be a little more centered around the Pokemon. Each written piece will have an illustration showing the team memebers in their gijinka forms.


Here is the folder where the Nuzlocke is kept. The folder is organized Cover-recent page, so new readers can start right away~

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