Many of the most "popular" Nuzlockers on dA have fan groups devoted to their work. The following is a list of these fan groups.

Note that this list does not include groups that function as the hub of a Nuzlocke itself, (i.e. runs made by multiple people who use the group as a way to keep their Nuzlocke in a single gallery,) nor does it include groups that have more focus on featuring Nuzlockes in general rather than emphasizing one run/artist to highlight.

Fan groups
Group Founded Description
ChaChi Nuzlocke Fans 2011-11-09 "This is a fanclub for *Goddess-Chachi's Nuzlocke, but also a group dedicated to pokemon. So if you love pokemon (and maybe even *Goddess-Chachi's nuzlocke, or nuzlockes in general), then this group is for you! :D"
Death's Nuzlocke Fans 2011-12-18 "We're a group that supports the almighty awesomeness that is Protocol00, aka, James.<3 He's a talented artist who's probably most noteworthy for his colourful and funny Death's Nuzlocke, which is what this group is dedicated to."
First Summer Fans 2012-12-31 "This is a fan group for *NekoNekoKris's Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke comic First Summer. It will be a base for all First Summer fans and a place where Kris can find support and extra motivation for finishing her comic, but it will also focus on whole Pokemon and Nuzlocke community and especially on promoting that positive Nuzlocke spirit which we all love."
ky-nim Nuzlocke Fans 2011-08-09 "We are Fans of *ky-nim's Nuzlocke series. Whether it'd be Tales of Sinnoh or Myths of Unova. We Support her stories and the wonderful adventures within the world of Pokemon. Join to browse through her recent works (in collections) and to add fanart of her series to the group!"
NintendoPie Nuzlocke 2012-12-09 "NintendoPie is the creator of an amazing Yellow Nuzlocke, and this is his fan club. Go read his nuzlocke. Now."
Out.Law Fans 2013-03-22 A fan group for LokiWing's Out.Law Soul.
Reign Nuzlocke Fans 2012-11-15 "This is a fanclub for TeamHeartGold's Nuzlocke Challenge, Reign. This is where we collect all the fan art, the cameos, the crack and everything related to her, her livestreams and her art, including her other Nuzlocke Cave of Origin."
Team Kick@$$ 2012-10-17 Official fan group for Ken's Fire Red Kick@$$ Mode.
Terren Nuzlocke fans 2012-11-21 fan group for CosmicMarsupial Terren's Heartgold Run.
Wass Fan Club 2011-12-18 "The Wass Fan Club welcomes all fans of the amazing, sadistic, self-proclaimed goddess Wasserbienchen, specifically those of her Nuzlocke comic: In Black and White! Whether you love her serious, thought-provoking plot, great characters, her sadistic approach, the unique version of the Pokemon world the nuzlocke contains, or anything else, you are welcome here! Fanart and fanfiction is greatly appreciated!"

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