The first banner for the run. Features the protagonist.

Limei's Nuzlocke: A Black 2 Run is the first Nuzlocke Challenge by Limei. It is a comic written and drawn by Limei and updates do not have a schedule.

The RulesEdit

Limei's rules for this run are basic and stick to the main idea of the Nuzlocke Challenge.

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it must be released.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in any given area can be caught.
  3. All caught Pokemon will be given nicknames.
  4. No potions. Only Pokecentres.


The run follows a basic plot with only small diverges from the in-game plot line.

The start of the comic shows the protagonist being kicked out of her home by her mother. She then is invited to stay at the house of her friend Hugh, a Tepig raiser.

As the protagonist sets off to begin her adventure, she chooses her starter, a female Snivy who is nicknamed Sabrina.

The run is not overly comedic, though it is light-hearted until the loss of a Pokemon but soon continues into a light-hearted feel.


  • Sabrina is Adamant, has Good Endurance and her ability is Overgrow.
  • The 'Ranch Owner' in-game is Hugh's Uncle in the comic.


The run is available only on the Nuzlocke Forums but may later be available on Limei's DeviantArt. It is also tagged under 'art' in Limei's Tumblr .

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