Pictured here as The Doof Knight.

LightpoleBystander was a moderator in the Nuzlocke forums.


Nuzlocke Challenge History

Though never having received credit, LightpoleBystander began the first fan Nuzlocke comic and also brought the challenge to 420chan's /po/. To date, he has yet to finish any Nuzlocke Challenge and has failed on numerous occasions; only abandoning his first when his duties as moderator took precedence to his run.

Destruction of Nuzlocke Forums

LightpoleBystander is credited with the destruction of the Nuzlocke forums due to invasion by Bidoof, and the largest post count in the forums. He led Bidoofs' onslaught and attempted to convert the forum to a Bidoof shrine, occasionally to put users to death on an altar as a sacrifice to the Great Bidoof King. He is also credited as the ringleader of the Pro-Doof faction that participated in the Civil War.

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