Cover page

Cover page

Light Black
by Lightnymfa
Began  ?
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 2 chapters
Game information
Game random Black 2
Region Unova
Chosen starter's type Fire
Comic description
Media digital (paint tool Sai and photoshop Cs5)
Coloring full color
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre mixed
Plot original
Pokemon all speak
Nuzlocke Forum

Light Black is a randomized Black 2 Nuzlocke comic.

Light Black is a comic with an eerie feel due to darker shading tones and the use of twisted and different takes on the Pokemon designs.


Light Black has the following rules:

  1. Capture only the first Pokemon in a route or area.
  2. When a Pokemon faints it dies and it must be released or stored in a box forever.
  3. Play the game randomized.


Light Black follows Light trough the Nuzlocke challenge. He starts his adventure with an outrageous Torchick by the nickname Blast. Together they try to beat the league to prove to the world wrong about judging them. Trough the story Dark, the rival, will pop up and will try breaking down Lights confidence. Blast will however, support his trainer and wants to prove that they both are very strong. On the path to the league they will meet several new friends and will find out the horror of a Nuzlocke challenge.



Light: the trainer, he's being called weak often because he hardly defends himself against people that oppose him. His rival is his biggest nightmare.

Blast: the starter, an impulsive and energetic Torchick that wants to be stronger and will do whatever it takes to reach that goal. He has some obsession over Sewaddles.

Dark: the rival, a shady character. He's focused on ruining Lights hopes of becoming strong enough to stand his ground.


Light Black can be found on Lightnymfa's dA gallery.

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