Landwalker's Nuzlocke
LandWalker's Nuzlocke is a comic-based Nuzlocke run of Sapphire. The first page  was published on November 7th, 2010 and spans 32 chapters. 

The RulesEdit

  • It faints, it dies.
  • Can only Catch first pokemon in each route.
  • Nicknaming everyone (just for fun).




The protagonist of the run. 


Landwalker's neighbor and rival, she initially doesn't think too highly of our hero. 


The mysterious Champion of Hoenn.  


The leader of Team Aqua, Archie's story is a tragic one. Following the death of his parents in a car crash, he swears to remake the world as he sees fit. 


Leader of Team Magma and the least serious of the two crime leaders.

Landwalker's TeamEdit


  • Avenger (Sceptile; Currently living in Littleroot Town with Landwalker)


  • Ninio (Ninetails; Remains next to Rikishi's grave) 
  • Brobat (Crobat; Watching the Sootopolis Gym)
  • Lunatic (Lunatone; Returned to Meteor Falls)
  • Gary (Gyarados; Returned to the sea)


  • Seeker (Zigzagoon; Lost to Brawly's Makuhita) 
  • Marshie (Loudred; Lost in fight against May's Combusken)
  • Useless (Zigzagoon; Lost in fight against May's Combusken)
  • Brainie (Shroomish; Lost in fight against May's Combusken)
  • OhGod (Zigzagoon; Lost in fight against May's Combusken)
  • FuckNo (Zigzagoon; Lost in fight against May's Combusken)
  • Numnum (Numel; Died 5 seconds after capture)
  • Gaycloud (Swablu; Lost in a trainer battle)
  • Howitworks (Magneton; Lost to Kyogre)
  • Rikishi (Hariyama; Blocked Metagross's Hyper Beam to save Ninio)


  • Pikablu (Marill; HM Slave)
  • Txcwaste (Grimer)
  • Slushie (Sandshrew; Bros for life)
  • Philip (Pelipper; Fly Slave)
  • Ziggy (Zigzagoon)
  • Improbable (Zigzagoon)
  • Jake (Zigzagoon)
  • Brobat II (Zubat)


  • References to both LOST and Adventure TIme.
  • Personifies certain Pokemon, such as Brobat resembling Neil Patrick Harris and Gary resembling...well Gary.
  • Zigzagoons. Zigzagoons Everywhere.
  • Fuck Poochyena.


Landwalker's Nuzlocke can be found on his dA page, along with Landwalker's Yellow Nuzlocke.

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