The Landlocke is a Nuzlocke designed for games in Generation 6 or higher. It is a party-centered Nuzlocke focused around organizing the members of a player's team.

Rules: Edit

  1. Players may only catch the first Pokemon encountered per route.
  2. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
  3. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered 'dead', and must be released/permaboxed.
  4. The player may only have one Pokemon from each region on their team at a time. For example, a player using a Gen 6 game could have the following 6 party members; one Pokemon from Kanto, one from Johto, one from Hoenn, one from Sinnoh, one from Unova, and one from Kalos.
  5. Pokemon that have evolutions from multiple regions are determined by their final evolution. EX: A Roselia counts as a Sinnoh Pokemon, as its final evolution is Roserade.
  6. Pokemon like Eevee, Ralts, and Snorunt that have multiple final evolutions spanning regions must be decided by the trainer before being used. Once a decision is made, it is permanent and cannot be changed. EX: Before a trainer can use their female Snorunt, they must decide whether or not they'll evolve it into Glalie or Froslass. Should they choose Froslass, then the Snorunt counts as the Sinnoh Pokemon on their team.
  7. If a Pokemon with multiple evolutions is destined to evolve into one thing, but accidentally evolves into something else, the trainer may choose to change the party to accommodate this change. EX: If a trainer decides to evolve their Eevee into a Leafeon, but the Eevee evolves into Espeon instead, the trainer can either reset the game to the last save, erasing the accidental evolution, or keep the Pokemon as is and alter the team to fit. (For an extra challenge, accidental evolutions could mean the Pokemon has to be released or permaboxed, but this is not recommended.)
  8. Players may choose not to evolve a Pokemon, but if they do, they must count that Pokemon by its generation as if the final evolution doesn't exist. Once a trainer has decided not to evolve a Pokemon, this decision is permanent. EX: If a trainer decides not to evolve their Magmar, then instead of being considered a Sinnoh Pokemon (because of Magmortar), it is considered a Kanto Pokemon.
  9. Trainers nay not use more than one Pokemon of each primary type. EX: If a trainer has an Oddish on their team and wants to add a Petilil, they are not permitted, as the two share Grass as their primary type. Conversely, if this same player decided not to add Petilil, and instead added a Lombre, this would be allowed as Lombre's primary type is Water. If this same player chose to add Paras instead of Lombre, this would not be permitted; Paras may have the primary type Bug, but it's a Kanto Pokemon, and can't be on the same team as an Oddish.

This Nuzlocke is compatible with many modifications and add-ons, such as item and catch limits, and can even become a hybrid of another Nuzlocke, such as a Wedlocke or Wonderlocke. All rules can be added or removed to suit the player.

Hybrid Suggestions: Edit

Land Wedlocke:

Rules follow the same as a standard Wedlocke, but each Wedlocke pair/couple must be from the same region.

  • Players can only have one pair from a region on their team at once. EX: A Vulpix-Seel pair cannot be on the same team as a Ponyta-Nidorino pair, as both pairs are from Kanto.
  • 'Lone Wolf' Pokemon cannot be paired with a Pokemon from another region, even in dire situations. (This could make this variant vastly more difficult than a standard Wedlocke.)

(Feel free to add on to the Hybrid list with your own creative ideas.)

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