Kramer and Kingsly

Kramer and Kingsly

A Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Platinum. Stars Cosmo Kramer as the main protagonist with his partner Kingsley the Chimchar, who has a hate of all birds but George the Starly. His rival Newman has Piplup, a pathetic bird pokemon that Kingsley beats the shit out of at all chances.

The ComicEdit

Played and written by Babypuncher; his girlfriend does all the hard stuff and actually draws the comic IN PAINT, hell yeah.

Team Members so farEdit

Kingsley- Chimchar introduced in ep.1

George- Starly introduced in ep.2

Jerry- Shinx introduced in ep.2

Zulu- Budew introduced in ep. 3

Succubus- Zubat introduced in ep. 3

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