Kinglocke Edit

Classes Edit

  • King: You in Pokémon
  • Prince/Princess: your starter
  • Knight: Average Pokémon
  • Guard: High defense average attack and speed
  • Tank: High defense and attack very slow
  • Assassin: High speed and attack low defense
  • Ninja: Very Very fast average attack and defense
  • Archers: low defense high Sp attack and average speed
  • Healers: low attack, average defense and speed
  • Resurrect Person: can revive only one dead Pokemon per resurrect person and cannot attack(resurrect person dies when resurrecting a Pokemon)
  • Mage: high special attack average in everything else

Rules Edit

  1. 4 knights,3 guards,1 tank,2 assassins,3 ninjas,4 archers,2 healers,1 resurrect person,and 3 mages MAX(can put some in boxes just not over the limit in your team)
  2. unlimited mom heals and 2 nurse joy heals per town
  3. Nuzlocke rules apply here
  4. If prince/princess dies you lose
  5. No EXP shares when fighting trainers only when grinding
  6. Resurrect People cannot resurrect the prince/princess
  7. you can only buy 5 items in the Pokemart (Pokeballs don't count)
  8. any locke that can possibly break these rules is forbidden
  9. The only way to get promote a class is to get the high class or use zincs and protein etc

High Classes Edit

  • High knight: slow high defense average attack
  • High guard: slow Great defense average attack
  • High Tank: Great high defense and attack super slow
  • High assassin: High speed and attack average defense
  • High ninja: Very Very fast high attack and average defense
  • High archer: average defense high sp attack and speed
  • High healer: average Pokemon but higher leveled
  • High resurrect Person: can revive two dead pokemon cannot attack (sacrifices self to revive 2 pokemon)
  • High mage: great special attack fast and high defense


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