Kiga's Litlocke
by LaLibertalia
Began November 16, 2011
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 3 pages
Finished black
Game information
Game version
Region Unova
Chosen starter's type fire type
Comic description
Media comic
Coloring full color
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre suspense
Plot original
Nuzlocke Forum
dA gallery

Kiga's Litlocke Challenge is a Black version nuzlocke drawn by DeviantArt user lalibertalia. It is still in progress.

The Litlocke was created for friends at lalibertalia's school, and thus contains information that is slightly confusing to online readers. However, as she has expressed a desire for others to enjoy the comic as well, she does not rely on that material too heavily.


Kiga, a student at College, wakes up to find herself in the unfamiliar Nuvema town. She is visited then by Cheren and Bianca, who confess that they too used to be students at the university, and were brought to Unova some time before Kiga.

Cheren, Bianca and Kiga receive their pokémon and head to the lab of the snarky Professor Juniper, where she order them filling the Unova pokédex "if they want to stay alive and well".


1. You may catch the first pokémon seen in each area and nothing else. If you kill it, that's too bad.    Note: A new area is determined (with the exception of multiple floors of the same building / cave) by when the route title changes.

  • ​Duplicate clause: If your first encounter is one you already have, you have ONE additional chance.
  • Shiny clause: Shiny pokémon may be caught. However, if it's not your first encounter, you may not use it in battle.
  • Gift clause: Gifted pokémon (ex: fossil mons, pansage/sear/pour, etc) are exempt from the "first in each area" rule.

2. If a pokémon faints, it's considered dead and must be permaboxed.

3. No trades, unless it is to move an aforementioned Shiny pokémon to another version.

4. All pokémon must be nicknamed after executive members of the Trinity College Literary Institute (the "Lit"). All past, present and future members qualify for nicknaming.



  1. What is the Lit? The Trinity College Literary Institute is a satirical debating society at Trinity College in Toronto. The executive organizes weekly debates with a comical "resolution" which is rarely followed, and four students--two "debating" for the government, and two for the opposition--deliver comical speeches to whoever chooses to attend.
  2. What is that around Kiga's neck? That's the leftovers of her academic gown. Trinity students sometimes wear gowns on top of their clothing to special events, such as dinners, meetings of the student government, and the Lit. If a student is elected to an executive position, their gown is ripped at the seams, and the student can make it into whatever they want to serve as their gown for the rest of their time at Trinity. In Kiga's case, hers is a victorian-style neck ruffle.
  3. What is Trinity College? Trinity is one of seven "colleges" at the University of Toronto. It's kind of like your "house", for lack of better words.
  4. Send lalibertalia a question! She'll put it in the FAQ.


Kiga's Litlocke Challenge can be found here on DeviantArt.

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