The banner of Ken's Fire Red Kick@$$ Mode comic.

One of the more famous comic runs, Ken's Fire Red Kick@$$ Mode is a documentation of a Fire Red Nuzlocke by YinDragon. The story is a mix of the game's plot and the original story of the protagonist, Kenneth "Ken" Alexander, who was originally thought up for a Pokemon fanfic. The comic is still on-going having started on October 31st, 2011 and has already won several noteworthy awards.

The RulesEdit

Aside from the standard Nuzlocke rules, Ken's adventure is dictated by a couple of additional limitations.

  1. Pokemon that faints gets released.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be captured.
  3. Duplicates (the whole evolution line) can't be caught.
  4. Legendaries can't be caught.
  5. Battle mode is "set".
  6. Buying items is prohibited.

The last rule is explained in the comic with Ken simply being broke, unable to afford items.


With its beautiful art, intriguing plot and hilarious humor, Ken's Fire Red Kick@$$ Mode has quickly gained a huge popularity. The comic, while a pure comedy at first, gets slightly more dark themes as the mysterious story slowly unveils. Several characters who don't get much attention in the games play much more important roles in Ken's Kick@$$ Mode. The comic is drawn in black and white, occassionaly sporting a colored panel or two.


  • Ken's choice for starter Pokemon was a Charmander he calls Charlie and, unlike it is in the games, he has two rivals, Gary Oak and his sister Daisy Oak.
  • Ken's Fire Red Kick@$$ Mode was nominated in as many as 8 categories of the Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza 2012: Best Comic, Best Art Style, Funniest Run, Saddest Death, Best Main Character, Best Pokemon, Best Rival, and Best Extra Character. It won first place in all except two, Funniest Run and Saddest Death, where it won second place.


The comic is available on Smackjeeves, on YinDragon's deviantArt and in its Nuzlocke Forums thread.

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