Judgement a hg nuzlocke cover by kittengoo-d5zs7ek

Cover of 'Judgement: a HeartGold Nuzlocke'

Judgement: A HeartGold Nuzlocke is a ongoing Nuzlocke comic written and drawn by Mae Dominguez (a.k.a. "Kittengoo"). The comic is drawn digitally in black and white and its divided into chapters. Between each chapter there's an extra comic explaining backstory or filler. The style is a mix between Japanese manga with tribal patterns. 


  1. Any pokemon that faints is considered dead and must be boxed and then released. 
  2. The player may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each area, and no one else. If the first Pokemon encountered flees or faints, there are no second chances. 
  3. Duplicate ban: If the first encounter is a Pokemon that has been caught before, the player may have one more chance within that area. 
  4. The player cannot use legendaries. 
  5. The player may catch shiny Pokemon regardless of the rules. 


The Nuzlocke is centered around a girl named Marigold Bell whom is the daughter of an ex-Indigo League Champion and a Kanto Gym Leader. She lives in the Johto region which is portrayed as more chaotic and dangerous from its game counterpart. Marigold is preassured into being a pokemon trainer by her mother Rue, and she begins her journey by choosing the fire starter Cyndaquil (who's name is Rex).  The comic begins in a Nuzlocke fashion and follows the game in terms of plot. However there are drastic changes in terms of characters and the pokemon universe which make the story darker or in some ocassions more humorous.

The author says that the plot with become bigger and more complicated as the story goes along, and while it will follow the game's events she will make major changes along the way.


Marigold Bell (Mari)Edit


Marigold Bell

Our painfully shy, awkward fourteen year old protagonist. Marigold was born at Viridian City but moved to Johto after her parents divorced. Ever since she was a child she was tutored solely by her mother and barely socialized with other children. This made her a very peaceful yet weak willed person who constantly lives in her mother's shadow. Despite being in her mother's iron grasp, Marigold adores her mother and highly respects her, yearning deep down to be a Indigo Plateau Champion like her. Thus she began her journey as a Pokemon trainer, and soon realized that it was a task that was easier said than done. Like 50% of the Pokemon World population, Marigold has the ability to communicate with Pokemon. In many ways she finds more comfort in socializing with Pokemon than with people. Marigold is bookwormish, naive, gentle yet cowardly the complete antitesis of what a traditional trainer should be. 

Rue BellEdit

Rue by kittengoo-d5zh4io

Rue Bell

Rue is Marigold's mother, a Dragon Tamer and a ex-Indigo League Champion. She is also Lance and Clair's aunt, and one of the members of the exclusive Dragon Clan at Blackthorn City. She is one of the core characters of the Nuzlocke and supports Marigold in her journey, however at the same time she unintentionally pressures and humiliates her by comparing her to her more successful cousins. She is a vicious perfectionist and may have a cruel streak, yet she loves her daughter and is extremely overprotective of her.  Rue was married to Lt.Surge, but divorced him when Marigold was barely four years old. She moved to Johto with Marigold after the seperation.


Silver is a mysterious red headed boy whom stole a pokemon from

'Silver' drawn by Kittengoo

Professor Elm shortly after Marigold recieved her Cyndaquil. Just like in the game, he is antagonistic towards Mari. He has a female Totodile named Vicious, who lives up to her name. He is rude and unfriendly, and constantly belittles Mari calling her 'Raticate teeth'.
A long time ago by kittengoo-d5s052k

Rex the Cyndaquil

Rex (Cyndaquil)Edit

Mari's starter pokemon. Rex is grumpy and sullen, but has a caring heart. According to Professor Oak, Rex is unable to generate fire-type moves because of a mental block that most likely came from a traumatic event. The traumatic event is hinted at in a extra where Rex is seen in a burning building.

Tell me a story by kittengoo-d5qkmij

Young Jet and his adoptive father.

Jet (Pidgey)Edit

Marigold's second pokemon. Jet is a lively pidgey whom believes that he's a warrior for 'justice and truth'. He speaks in a highly formal fashion using very out dated words (sometimes incorrectly) and loves to sing ditties. Jet's past was revealed in the second extra.

Rocky (Onix)Edit

Despite his huge size, Rocky is rather childlike and docile.


Kinsenka is a famous dancer at the Ecruteak Dance Theater ( The author combined all of the Kimono Ladies into one character). She is mysterious, polite and is always accompanied by an Umbreon named Yue. 


  • Judgement has been featured in the Nuzlocke forums weekly Featured runs on April 26th 2013. 


'Judgement' is available at Kittengoo's DA page  and the Nuzlocke Forums

It also has its own Tumblr blog

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