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It Just Got Serious: Soul Silver Edition is a Nuzlocke comic created by BlazeDGO. It is the sequel to It Just Got Serious: Fire Red Edition and began on January 7, 2012. Blaze discontinued the comic on May 4, 2013 then continued the story in an abridged format on May 10 to complete it on June 2, 2013. It follows Kira Yagami in his journey through Johto.

The RulesEdit

  1. If a Pokémon Faints, put it permanently in the "Dead" box.
  2. You can only catch/recieve the first Pokémon in each area.
  3. Dupes clause with a twist. The no dupes only applies for the first 2 Pokemon you encounter. If the third is a duplicate, too bad. However, you CAN catch dupes if you want.
  4. You must nickname all of your Pokémon.
  5. No catching legendaries.
  6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokémon that can't have eggs. Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.
  7. When your whole party faints, it's game over, regardless of whether there are still Pokémon in the box.


It Just Got Serious follows the story of Kira as he begins his journey in Johto, after Mewtwo left him with nothing but a Nidoran egg. This time he sets out to get stronger so that he can put a stop to Mewtwo's plans and hopefully remove his affliction on his pokemon (which causes them to die in battle). With this clear goal in mind, Kira chooses a cyndaquil, Sammy, as his starter and begins traveling with him and the newly hatched Rex, the child of his venusaur Flora and his nidoking Spike.

Kira encounters several important trainers along the way, including the bitter Silver, the ditzy Kris, and a mysterious man who knows about Mewtwo and perhaps more. When Kira battles Falkner, he discovers that the gym leaders have been given orders to kill his team. This is under the pretense that Kira's team is a threat because it could spread the "disease". Kira and the mysterious man of course become suspicious of this, believing Mewtwo to be somehow behind it.

Unlike the previous two comics, Soul Silver takes a serious tone from the very start. The pace of the comic is also much slower as well, but it also includes more characters and more plot elements (many of which vastly deviate from the game).


Kira YagamiEdit

The protagonist. Kira starts his third journey to become stronger as a trainer and ultimately take down Mewtwo. He is still pained by the losses he experienced in Sinnoh and Kanto, so he still gets emotional whenever he loses a team member. This may be because he considers them to be his closest friends. As things get worse and worse, though, his depression turns into anger toward those responsible for his misfortune, and he decides to start taking some serious action.


This mysterious man first encounters Kira outside of Professor Elm's lab. He states that he knows about Mewtwo and implies that he knows a lot more. However, he is unwilling to share this information with Kira just yet, and he insists on keeping his identity hidden. Spoilers : It's Lucas/L from It Just Got Serious : Platinum Edition.

Silver GiovanniEdit

Kira's rival, who chose a totodile, Riptide, as his starter. Silver is the son of Rocket Boss Giovanni. He heard about Kira from his victory over the previous champion, so he wanted to test his skill. Upset by the resulting loss, Silver resolved to grow stronger. He despises the thought of weakness, so he tries to make sure neither he nor his pokemon become weak.


Kris chose a chikorita, Jade, as her starter. She essentially replaces Lyra from the game, but she is still somewhat ditzy yet optimistic like her. She meets Kira in Union Cave and asks to travel together with him, which he refuses because he is upset at a recent loss.


The true antagonist. He is the cause behind the deaths of Kira's Pokémon. He interefered with their bodily functions which kept them from dying in battle. Mewtwo claims that his motives are to create peace by stopping the senseless fighting of pokemon. Mewtwo has caused Kira perhaps more suffering than he endured in Sinnoh - he not only directly killed most of his final team in Kanto but also rewrote the memories of Flora the Venusaur and Blue the Arcanine.

Kira's PokemonEdit

  • Rex (Nidoking) - DEAD
  • Sammy (Typhlosion)
  • Nikki (Rattata) - DEAD
  • Rhythm (Hoothoot) - DEAD
  • Venom (Beedrill) - DEAD
  • Dudette (Geodude) - DEAD
  • Sparks (Ampharos)
  • Kuro (Zubat) - DEAD
  • Kura (Zubat)
  • Fang (Espeon) - DEAD
  • Red (Kingler)
  • Ivy (Victreebel) - DEAD
  • Mariner (Quagsire) - DEAD
  • Luna (Ursaring) - DEAD
  • Aqua (Slowking) - DEAD
  • Duo (Girafsrig) - DEAD
  • Leo (Seel) - DEAD


  • As of this comic, Kira has had a starter of each type - prinplup (water), venusaur (grass), and quilava (fire)
  • Flora and Spike's kid, Rex, is a Nidoran despite the fact that in the game, the offspring would be a Bulbasaur because of the mother. Rex never actually existed in Fire Red, but he was confirmed to be a later catch in Soul Silver. Rex is simply a companion pokemon for Kira for now. This is one of many ways the author strays from in-game happenings.
  • All Pokémon in this run possess a defense mechanism that prevents them from dying in battle by making them faint. This makes Pokémon extremely resilient and gives many of them long lifespans. Kira's Pokémon die because this mechanism malfunctions in them.
  • Venom the Beedrill was actually originally named Bill in the game (in reference to a gag in Fire Red involving Bill getting his DNA mixed with a beedrill's). Blaze decided to change it because he liked the name Venom more.
  • Sammy (and all Cyndaquil and some other Pokémon) was blind at birth, like many real animals. His eyesight didn't improve much until evolution, so he mostly relied on his other senses.
  • Gym leaders are required to have type-based teams against challengers. These teams vary according to the challenger's rank (number of badges he/she has). So it is not necessary for challengers to follow the gym order in the games. In all other circumstances, gym leaders can use their regular teams.
  • The name of Silver's totodile is a reference to the feraligatr Riptide from SABERinBLUE's Apocalypse Johto.


It Just Got Serious: Soul Silver Edition can be found on the Nuzlocke Forums, Blaze's deviantART gallery, and Smack Jeeves.

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