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It Just Got Serious: Platinum Edition is a Nuzlocke comic created by BlazeDGO. The comic lasted from February 27, 2011 to March 12, 2011. It follows Kira Yagami's journey through Sinnoh, which was cut short as Blaze failed the challenge by the 5th page. It is followed by It Just Got Serious: Fire Red Edition.


  1. If a Pokemon faints, its dead, release it.
  2. No healing at PokeCenters. The ONLY time this can be done is when all your Pokemon are fully healed but you need to restore their PP, until you can start buying items that can do so.
  3. You can only catch/recieve one Pokemon in each area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) then too bad.
  4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
  5. No catching legendaries.
  6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokemon that can't have eggs. Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.


The comic follows Kira as he takes on the Sinnoh League challenge. It starts out very lighthearted and comedic, with a hyperactive rival, rage memes, and other gags. But by the last page, once Kira loses his whole team to Gardenia, it adopts a more serious tone.


Kira YagamiEdit

The protagonist. He resembles Lucas, the male protagonist in the game, until he ditches his hat, revealing that he has longer hair. He takes on the League challenge for no apparent reason, leaving Twinleaf Town with a piplup, Fluffy, as his starting companion. His journey soon turns out to be more than he bargained for.


Kira's rival, who chose a turtwig as his starter. He's pretty much just an annoying hyperactive kid destined to lose to Kira.

Kira's Pokemon (all dead)Edit

  • Fluffy (Prinplup)
  • Hurf (Bidoof)
  • Ace (Staravia)
  • Rox (Geodude)
  • Manlius (Machop)
  • Bob (Psyduck)
  • Anya (Shinx)
  • Shido (Shellos)
  • Bugs (Buneary)


  • Kira's, L's, and Shido's names were all inspired by the Death Note characters of the same names. However, their personalities are completely different.


It Just Got Serious: Platinum Edition can be found on the Nuzlocke Forums, on Blaze's deviantART gallery, and on Smack Jeeves.

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