Kira prepares to face the champion, Green.

It Just Got Serious: Fire Red Edition is a Nuzlocke comic created by BlazeDGO. It is the sequel to It Just Got Serious: Platinum Edition and lasted from March 16, 2011 to January 4, 2012. The comic follows the adventures of Kira Yagami as he leaves Sinnoh to start anew in Kanto, along the way discovering more about why his pokemon die. It is followed by It Just Got Serious: Soul Silver Edition.


  1. If a Pokemon faints, its dead, release it.
  2. You can only catch/recieve the first Pokemon in each area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) than too bad.
  3. Dupes clause with a twist. The no dupes only applies for the first 2 Pokemon you encounter. If the third is a dupe, too bad.
  4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
  5. No catching legendaries.
  6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokemon that can't have eggs. Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.
  7. When your whole party faints, it's game over, regardless of whether there are still pokemon in the box.


The comic follows Kira as he takes on the Kanto League challenge after failing in Sinnoh. One of his main goals at this point is to discover why his pokemon die when they would normally faint. Despite the tragic events of the past comic, this one starts off fairly lighthearted. It isn't until the Silph Co. incident that things start getting more serious and dramatic. He comes to discover that Mew is somehow tied to his "disease". Eventually, though, this is proven false as Mewtwo is revealed to be the cause of the deaths of Kira's pokemon.

As the comic progresses, It Just Got Serious begins to deviate more and more from the game's linear storyline. Some events, such as the Sevii Islands, are shifted in the timeline, while others, such as Victory Road, are removed entirely for the sake of pacing. Many characters' personalities and roles are altered as well.


Kira YagamiEdit

The protagonist. Kira travels Kanto because he wants to prove he can do better and because he hopes to learn why his pokemon die in battle. Like the story overall, for the first part of the comic his attitude is pretty lighthearted. But as he loses more and more of his friends, he starts doubting himself and moping over his losses. His team manages to encourage him, though, whenever this happens.

Green OakEdit

Kira's rival, who chose a charmander as his starter. As the story progresses, Green starts getting angry at Kira for beating him every time. He eventually allies himself with Giovanni, who feeds him lies about Mew and Kira's "disease".


The true antagonist. He is the cause behind the deaths of Kira's pokemon. He interefered with their bodily functions which kept them from dying in battle. Mewtwo claims that his motives are to create peace by stopping the senseless fighting of pokemon. In the end Mewtwo caused Kira perhaps more suffering than he endured in Sinnoh.

Kira's PokemonEdit

  • Flora (Venusaur)
  • Echo (Pidgeot) - DEAD
  • Rose (Mankey) - DEAD
  • Ricky (Raticate) - DEAD
  • Sting (Weedle) - DEAD
  • Sky (Fearow) - DEAD
  • Karen (Zubat)
  • Whiskers (Meowth)
  • Nagini (Ekans)
  • Kiba (Vaporeon) - DEAD
  • Spike (Nidoking) - DEAD
  • Blue (Arcanine)
  • Diana (Doduo) - DEAD


  • Flora and Spike's kid, Rex, is a Nidoran despite the fact that in the game, the offspring would be a Bulbasaur because of the mother. Rex never actually existed in the game. This is one of many ways the author strays from in-game happenings.
  • All pokemon in this run possess a defense mechanism that prevents them from dying in battle by making them faint. This makes pokemon extremely resilient and gives many of them long lifespans. Kira's pokemon die because this mechanism malfunctions in them.
  • Kiba and Blue's names are both references to the Wolf's Rain characters of the same names.
  • Three of the five Pokémon on Kira's team used in the Champion battle evolved through the use of evolutionary stones. Also, all three of them were evolved right after capture.
    • Also noteworthy is the fact that Spike, caught as a Nidoran, never evolved through natural means as a Rare Candy was used to make him evolve into a Nidorino.


It Just Got Serious: Fire Red Edition can be found on the Nuzlocke Forums, Blaze's deviantART gallery, and Smack Jeeves.

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