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It Just Got Serious is a series of Nuzlocke comics by BlazeDGO. They follow the adventures of Kira Yagami through Sinnoh, Kanto, and Johto. The first page of Platinum was uploaded on February 27, 2011, and Soul Silver was cancelled on May 4, 2013.

Total storyEdit

Kira takes on his first League challenge in Sinnoh, starting out with a piplup named Fluffy. He unfortunately wipes to Gardenia because he didn't prepare enough. This loss prompts him to travel to Kanto, ashamed to show his face in Twinleaf again, and start anew. Setting out this time with a bulbasaur (Flora), Kira has much better luck with the League. Meanwhile his rival, Green, does not fare so well in his battles with Kira, so, seeking more power, he allies himself with Giovanni. Kira learns from Green that he has some sort of "disease" which causes his pokemon to die from battle when they would normally faint. The cause of this is later revealed to be Mewtwo, who was also unknowingly posing as Green the whole time. This is why Green was exhibiting an unnatural control over his pokemon. Mewtwo ended up killing most of Kira's team and wiping the memories of his remaining pokemon. Kira was left with the egg of Flora's son, Rex (nidoran), who became his companion pokemon when he traveled to Johto. Kira chose a cyndaquil (Sammy) as his starter this time, and he is currently taking on the Johto League challenge in hopes of becoming strong enough to defeat Mewtwo.

Comic runsEdit

Individual Runs MC Game Starter Status Notes
Platinum Edition Kira Platinum piplup failed

The shortest by far; mostly comedic

Fire Red Edition Kira Fire Red bulbasaur complete
Soul Silver Edition Kira Soul Silver cyndaquil cancelled Has been ongoing longer than Fire Red, yet currently the comic is only at Bugsy's gym


  • Flora and Spike's kid, Rex, is a Nidoran despite the fact that in the game, the offspring would be a Bulbasaur because of the mother. Rex never actually existed in Fire Red, but he was confirmed to be a later catch in Soul Silver. Rex is simply a companion pokemon for Kira for now. This is one of many ways the author strays from in-game happenings.
  • All pokemon in these runs possess a defense mechanism that prevents them from dying in battle by making them faint. This makes pokemon extremely resilient and gives many of them long lifespans. Kira's pokemon die because this mechanism malfunctions in them.
  • Gym leaders are required to have type-based teams against challengers. These teams vary according to the challenger's rank (number of badges he/she has). So it is not necessary for challengers to follow the gym order in the games. In all other circumstances, gym leaders can use their regular teams.

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