The Dicelocke (not to be confused with the other page on this wiki) is a Nuzlocke variant involving a 6-sided die. It has the potential to be more merciful than a standard Nuzlocke... If you're lucky.

When you enter a new area, roll the die.

If it is a 1-2, you can only catch the first encounter in an area. (standard rules basically)

If it is a 3-4, you can catch 2 Pokemon, unaffected by encounter number.

If it is a 5-6, that area becomes a free area and you can catch as many Pokemon as you want. (still affected by dupes clause. you cannot fill boxes with Pidgey to make your life easier.)

When a Pokemon faints, roll the die.

If 1-2, the Pokemon dies.

If 3-4, you can revive them once. Next time they faint, they are dead.

If 5-6, revive them, and roll the die again the next time they faint.

If you want to enable clauses like ones that allow you to use revives you get for free or use shiny Pokemon unaffected by catch rules, roll the die.

If 1-2-3, free revives are only for Pokemon the die says you can revive, and you can't battle with shiny Pokemon that are outside the rules.

If 4-5-6, free revives and shiny Pokemon are fair game.

Note that you have to roll the die for each separate clause.

For EggDicelockes (Combination of the above rules with Egglocke rules.)

Rolling 5-6 only lets you catch 3 pokemon that route.

Shiny Clause Success means that you can battle with wild shiny Pokemon you catch.

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