Crystal nuzlocke ignem by syviethorne-da5i7nk

Ignem is a Nuzlocke comic (created by Syviethorne) based on a Pokemon Crystal run, though it deviates significantly from the in-game plot and characters. The story follows Quinn Aster, a seventeen year old girl who decides to finally embark on her journey despite setbacks and grief. However, secrets about the League begin to unravel, and Quinn finds herself on an unexpected quest of retribution.

Characters Edit

Quinn Aster Edit

She is the main protagonist of Ignem. She has long, reddish-blonde hair, brown eyes, and freckles, and her outfit varies over the course of the comic. Generally speaking, Quinn is rather reserved and non-confrontational, but she can also be stubborn and set in her ways. She has a compassionate spirit.

Casey Takashi Edit

Casey, initially from Unova, was Quinn's best friend. She had a rebellious, energetic, and determined personality, and her dying wish to become the League champion ultimately inspired Quinn to finally leave New Bark.

Professor Elm Edit

In this comic, Elm has a rather bedraggled appearance and seems to be a bit spaced out and goofy at times, but this outer persona appears a worried and brooding man.

Nora Edit

She is Professor Elm's assistant; she is a stickler for the rules and is constantly exhasperated by Elm's disregard for regulations.

Athena Edit

Grimsley Edit

Silver Edit

Main Team Edit

Vesuvius the Cyndaquil Edit

Available Edit

This comic run can be found in Syviethorne's deviantART gallery.

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