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Cyndaquil: Most players use Cyndaquil as their starters, because of its advantages against a lot of gyms, and it doesn't have a lot of weaknesses. As Fire-types as not too common in the wild, Cyndaquil helps out a lot in that aspect as well.

Bugsy: Bug-type gym (Any Fire-move will do the trick)

Jasmine: Steel-type gym (Ember/Flame wheel against Magnemite/Magneton)

Pryce: Ice mostly (though there are Ice-types with the secondary Water- or Ground-type)

Erika: Grass-type gym (Any Fire-move)

Totodile: Stands apart from the other two starters thanks to its counter moves, like Ice fang, as gyms are not hard hitters to water during the first half of the game. While its typing makes it vulnerable to the many Grass types found throughout the game, it has a pretty strong movepool for the gyms. Totodile is at no significant disadvantage when facing any gyms, making it a reliable ally. Totodile has advantages against the following gyms:

Lance (the champion): Uses mostly Dragon-types (Ice Fang will do the trick)

Brock: Rock-type gym (Any Water type move)

Blaine: Fire-type gym (any water type moves)

Erika: Grass-type gym (Ice fang. Just quickly take those Grass-types out)

Chikorita: It may be harder to utilize than the other starters. While Cyndaquil and Totodile have some advantages on the first gyms, Chikorita has type disadvantage against the first two gyms . After that, players will be waiting for Petal Dance, as it is one of Chikorita's very few hard-hitting moves. While Chikorita doesn't have many advantages against gyms or the Elite 4, it's a decent and pretty bulky Grass-type, making it a great supporter to the team if you know how to use it. Chikorita has type advantages against the following gyms:

Pryce: Essentially it’s a Water-type gym (Any grass type move. Just don't let those few Ice-moves hit)

Chuck: Fighting-type gym, though uses Poliwrath as his main (Any grass type move)

Brock - Rock Type gym (Any grass type move)

Misty: Water-type gym (Any grass type move)


The Gyms

Falkner: Shouldn't be too hard, especially if you chose Cyndaquil or Totodile. Even then, you can catch a Geodude in the Dark Cave, and raise it to Lv. 11, when it learns Rock Throw. Even without that, it can resist most of Falkner's moves, so it can take a few hits for you. Or, on Route 32, you can catch a Mareep if you're lucky. Mareep is a pretty much guaranteed win against Falkner. If you caught a Bellsprout, you can trade it for an Onix, which can be useful against the Gym.

Bugsy: If you went with Cyndaquil, this gym will be a piece of cake for you. Even with Totodile, you can Ice Fang most things here. However, even then, if you have a Geodude with Rock Throw, any Flying-type, the bug types can't be a threat for you. Of course, most people have troubles with Scyther. It has a weakness against Flying, Rock (x4!), Fire, Electric and Ice, so if you manage to outspeed it, and quickly take it down, it can't be too much threat.

Whitney: The fun starts here! Whitney can be really brutal. While you can easily take a Clefairy down, the Miltank is really troublesome. it has Scrappy, so don't even think about a Ghost-type (Scrappy enables Ghost-moves to hit). Rollout gets stronger every turn, so a Pokemon with a weakness to Rock-type is out of question, unless you manage to avoid it, or have someone with Protect or Detect. Also, send in a Female, so Attract won't work. On the previous Route, you can catch a Nidoran with Double Kick, it can help you a lot. If you couldn't catch it, you can trade a Drowzee for a Machop, it can be a huge help as well. If you chose Chikorita (but now it must be a Bayleef), your hard effort in training it won't be in vain here. Bayleef is extremely Bulky, resists most of Miltank's move, can set up a Reflect, Poison the enemy, and take it down with Magical or Razor Leaf.

Morty: If you hatched the Egg the Kimono Girl gave you, you can get a Topegi with Extrasensory. This can be a big advantage, with it's Normal-type. However, the same can be said about pretty much any Normal-type. Wait until they run out of moves which can hurt you, leaving them with Ghost-type moves. This strategy can be used for his Gengar, since his other 'Mons can be quickly taken down with pretty much any move. Though most Pokemon at this point have Bite, so they can also hit pretty hard.

Chuck: Be careful with Flying-types! His Primeape (in Gen IV) has Rock Slide, so beware! Also, both of them can be really annoying. Their strategies revolve around Focus Punch. Primeape will use Double Team a few times, so you can't hit it, and they can quickly Focus Punch you. Poliwrath will Hypnosis you, and Focus Punch you in the face. So, if you can, use a Psychic-type, as there's no move they can hit you with too hard. If you really want to use a Flying-type, it's recommended that you outspeed and quickly K.O. it, so it can't use Rock Slide. With Poliwrath, even an Electric type can do the trick, but don't let it put you to sleep.

Jasmine: She's relatively easy, since her Pokemon have a lot of weaknesses. Magnemite is weak to Ground (no, it doesn't have Levitate), Fighting and Fire type, while Steelix shares those weaknesses along with the weakness to Water.

Pryce: Pryce is also really easy. Electric types, Fighting types, Fire types, Steel types, some Grass types and even Water types (against Piloswine) will do the trick. Though those Rest Seels and Dewgongs will surely annoy you, even they can be taken down with a good ol' Electric type.

Clair: The toughest of them all. Her Gyarados can be taken down quickly, along with her Dragonairs (with Ice or Dragon types. If you don't have them, wiggle their HPs down. They're not Dragonites, they're not that powerful. Though avoid Pokemon with weakness to fire or water, since they have Fire Blast and Aqua Tail, and you don't know which one of them she's going to send out.), however, the trouble starts with her Kingdra. Smokescreen will surely annoy you. Dragon Pulse hits way too hard (so no Dragons here), Hydro Pump is really powerful (with really bad accuracy and low PP, so you can stall it out), and Hyper Beam is just overpowered. Though, with a bulky Pokemon, if you stall Hyper Beam and Hydro Pump out, you can defeat her. A Meganium is really nice here, since SmokeScreen doesn't work (Magical Leaf. If you still have it), it's super-bulky, Hydro Pump is resisted and it can tank the remaining attacks. If you have a bulky Water-type, that's fine too, you don't have to worry about Hydro Pump. A Lanturn (if you managed to catch one) is good in this fight, too. Ghost-types too, avoids Hyper Beam.

Routes, cities, ETC

Dark Cave

The cave is located at the east of Route 31. As the name suggests, the cave is dark indeed. You will have to turn back, because there is a dead end ahead.

Violet City

Blocked Gym

The gym of Violet City is located around the middle of the city. You can enter it, however, there are several barriers blocking the path to Gym Leader. A man standing at the center tells you that you must go train at the Sprout Tower before challenge the leader.

A boy in a house near the Pokémon Center is looking for a Bellsprout, to trade his Onix.

Earl, the Teacher

A man is standing next to the Pokémon Mart, near the pond. If you talk to him, he will swivel around. He will then ask you if you have beaten the gym leader. If you choose 'No', he will bring you to the Trainer School, swiveling around when he changes direction. He then reveals himself as 'Earl', the teacher of the school. He will teach you some useful info.

Creating a Group

A boy standing in the Trainer School will ask you whether you want to create a group. If you join, your friends will be able to join you in the Union Room, where you can mix records. This if you want to join some people for your nuzlocke.

Sprout Tower

grind fire types like cyndaquil here

Sprout Tower is located north of Violet City, by crossing two bridges. You have to complete this place before you can challenge the Violet City gym, battling the monks of the temple.

When you reach the top of the tower, you will meet up with the rival. Apparently, he had won the battle with the Elder of the tower, and the monk said that the ways he treat his Pokémon are harsh. Then, your rival will turn his back and blabber about what Elder said, and that he only care about strong Pokémons that win every time.

After he leaves, talk to the Elder to battle.

After you won the battle, he will comment that the way you battle are elegant, and he gives you Flash, a TM that lit up dark cave.

After completing the tower quest, you can challenge the gym.

Receiving Egg

When you step out of the gym, Prof. Elm call you. He ask you to look for his assistant.

Enter the Pokémon Mart next to the gym and talk to the assistant. He say that Prof. Elm want you to take care of an Egg, and if you accept it, you will receive the Egg.

When you leave the Pokémon Mart, a Kimono girl will approach you and see that you are holding the Egg. She seems to know about the Egg, as she said that the Egg was passed from Mr. Pokémon to Prof. Elm, and Prof. Elm to you. Then she said to you to take care of the Egg, and then leave the place.


Useful Pokemon


Gyarados isn't too hard to train, and you can get at Lake of Rage in its shiny form ( or even before Morty, catch a Magikarp in any pond). It can learn Surf, Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall and Whirlpool which is very good if you wish for a strong HM slave. Plus, it's even a good addition to your team with powerful moves such as Thrash.


Can be received as an Egg from Primo. It's a good fire pokemon and has abilities that are pretty good for breeding and battle. If you didn't choose Cyndaquil, and missed the chance to catch a Growlithe/Vulpix, Slugma is your guy.


If you manage to get one, Mareep will be your bestest friend in the Johto region. It's good against most of the gyms, has a great variety of moves, and can be found at the beginning of the game. And it looks so cute.


Bulky, and good against most of the gyms. Geodude is simply one of the most useful Pokemon you can encounter. If you can overlook the fact that it has way too many type disadvantages, Geodude will become your best Pokemon.


You get it for free! Togepi's unique starter move, Extrasensory, can make the little egg Pokemon your Psychic type Pokemon if you missed catching one. It also has a lot of moves that it can learn, and great abilities, so don't be afraid to use it!

Grinding tips

Grinding points

training evs in pokemon HG/SS


Noctowl 2 evs (15-20%) routes 43-47 night

Wooper 1 ev

Quagsire 2 evs (40%) Unión Cave surf

Slowpoke 1 ev (90%) Slowpoke well


Arbok 2 evs (30%) route27

Weepinbell 2 evs (35%) route44

Gyarados 2 evs (10%) Lake of Rage

Seaking 2 evs (90%) silver cave (Surf)


Geodude 1ev

Graveler 2 (55%) route 45 SS

Graveler 2 (40% route 45HG

Skarmory 2 (5%) route 45 SS

Gligar 1 (20%) route 45 HG

Onix 1ev - Unión Cave

Slowbro 2 evs (10%) Slowpoke well (Surf)


pidgeotto 2 evs (20-25%) route 43 day

Polowhirl 2 Evs(10%) Routes 30-31 (Surf)

Golbat 2evs

Raticate 2evs (30%) routes 38-39

Pikachu 2 evs (5%) VForest


girafarig +2 30% route 43

flaafy +2 30% route 43

psyduck 1 ev (90%)

Golduck 2 evs (10%) Rout 35: (Surf)


Tentacool 1 ev (90%) Rout 41 (Surf)

Mantine 2 evs (10% route 41 (surf)HG

Tentacruel 2 evs (30-40%) Route 41 (Surf)

Useful Items

EXP Share

You can get this vital item by returning to Mr.Pokémon house after defeating the red gyarados. talk to Mr. Pokémon, and exchange it for the Red Scale. It's essential for training weak members of the team.

Amulet Coin

This item doubles the money you get in trainer battles if a Pokemon in battle is holding it. its found in the Goldenrod Department Store Basement.

Macho Brace

Doubles any effort values the Pokémon holding it gets, but halves its Speed in battle. Stacks with Pokérus. its found by trading a Drowzee for a Machop om Goldenrod mall

Soothe bell

this Boosts the friendship gained by a Pokémon its found in the national park at north of the entrance to Route 36, found by crossing the fence to reach it, near a boy with a DS on the north of the park.