The Hardlocke is a Nuzlocke Variant supposed to give the player even more challenge than an ordinary Nuzlocke.

It is supposed to make the player pick their Pokemon carefully and let every death become a terrible blow forcing the Player to play more carefully than even a Nutzlocke would.

The Rules Edit

1.) You may not have more than 6 Pokemon total. (Including potential HM slaves)(Having a Pokemon more than once is forbidden) Exception: You need a Pokemon with an HM to get the Pokemon you are planning to teach the HM to. As soon as you have caught that Pokemon you have to release the Pokemon you used for the HM. (Might happen for the Pokemon supposed to learn Surf, Waterfall or Dive if you are planning on getting a Water type Pokemon you can only catch by surfing.)

2.) Once a Pokemon faints it is considered dead, but may be kept in the party for using HMs.

3.) Once every Pokemon has fainted once the Challenge has failed. If your Pokemon faint before your team is completed you have failed the challenge as well.

4.) You must not pick Legendary Pokemon to be members of your party.

5.) You may switch out your starter for the first Pokemon you catch so you are not forced to keep a Pokemon you can't pick without limitations. This switch has to be done before the first Gym though.

6.) Your Pokemon may only hold items boosting their primary Type (Charcoal or Silk Scarf for example)

7.) For an additional Challenge you may only heal your Pokemon in Pokemon centers, Potions are forbidden.

8.) You may resurrect one Pokemon if it has been killed by a surprise Explosion or Self-Destruct, as long as it has not levelled up more than 20 times. This is so you don't loose a freshly caught Pokemon during the first training period.

9.)Your Pokemon may not be more than five levels above the next Gym leaders/Elite Four Members/Rivals strongest Pokemon, Pokemon may not fight if they are too high unless they have levelled up during the battle. If all of your Pokemon are too high you have failed the Challenge.

Other Edit

These are not rules but rather suggestions

1. Give your Pokemon nicknames, just as in the Nuzlocke Challenge this is supposed to help you form a closer bond to your Pokemon and want them to stay alive even more.

2. Do not level your Pokemon using the Daycare just to keep them safe. This is boring and takes away the meaning of even taking a challenge.

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