Harbingers of Revelation: A Pokemon White Nuzlocke was formerly the third run in the series of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs. It has since become an independent story after the other installments in the series were made non-canon. It is a randomized "Double-and-a-half-locke" with involving the adventures of Crystal, Sae, and N. All Pokemon encountered had Gen 6 stats. Wild and static Pokemon are randomized with a similar strength to the originals and held items are randomized. Starter choices also have been changed.

The comic has been canceled, with chapter summaries to describe undrawn sections.

Harbingers of Revelation: A Pokemon White Nuzlocke
by Pokemontrainergigi
Began January 4th, 2015
Status canceled
# Chapters/Updates 36 chapters
Finished --
Game information
Game Pokemon White
Region Unova
Chosen starter's type Ice, Flying, and Fire/Bug
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring Full color
Protagonist Original
Story details
Genre Comedy with some drama
Plot unknown
Pokemon Yes
Nuzlocke Forum

Rules Edit

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be boxed. It cannot be used again.
  2. Only the first Pokemon on a route may be captured. Shiny Clause: Shiny Pokemon may be caught at any time. Dupe Clause (2 tries): If the first Pokemon encountered is a species previously captured, the player may have 2 more attempts to find a new Pokemon. After that, the route is dead.
  3. Nickname all Pokemon.

About Edit

Three years ago, Pokemon started dying for unknown reasons. This has forced trainers to be more careful, even prompted some to stop battling entirely to avoid this "death plague." Team Plasma, a Pokemon rights group, has done all it can to ensure Pokemon safety, but it's not enough. Recently a new group known as the Four Horsemen have been taking matters into their own hands. Their goals are unknown, but their methods are criminal.  

The run centers on the travels of three trainers through the Unova region. Crystal Namara is an amnesiac trainer who ended up in Unova under mysterious circumstances. N is the son of Plasma's CEO while Sae is a distant loner who's great with computers. Throughout their journey, they discover good friends, hidden truths, and great loss. 

Reoccurring Characters Edit


Crystal Namara - Crystal is a loyal, somewhat spastic trainer from the Johto region, growing up during Team Rocket's takeover. She appeared in Unova seemingly from thin air. With both her team and three months of memories missing, Crystal sets off to explore the region and eventually learn why she's there in the first place.

Natural "N" Harmonia - N is similar to his game counterpart, he is a naive, good natured guy. He gets along better with Pokemon than people, helped by his ability to understand their language. N's an inexperienced Pokemon trainer, sometimes having to ask Crystal for advice, and can be hesitant to even catch them at all. 

Sae - Sae is a guarded loner, who's lack of charsima makes him seem distant. He is the only protagonist unable to understand Pokemon speech, but has a loyal team regardless. He's very skilled with computers, able to easily hack into multiple people's trainer accounts and transfer data. Sae only uses these skills on suspected Horsemen, using their Pokemon for his team.  

Ghetsis Harmonia - N's adopted father and head of Team Plasma. He's protective of his son and takes his job seriously. Ghetsis is close to Alder, implied to have friendly battles with him often. It is during one of these battles that his Hydregion, Darkroot, accidently kills Alder's Volcarona, Himiko. Ghetsis seeks to protect Pokemon and find a cure for what's killing them. 

Alder - The vibrant, outgoing Pokemon League Champion and Ghetsis's former boss and friend. He encouraged Ghetsis while his friend tried to start his own business, being close enough to the Harmonia family to give N a Larvesta egg. His known team included Himiko, his faithful Volcarona, who was killed by accident in a battle with Ghetsis .

Selene - Selene is Elesa's friend and a Pokemon Nurse working in Accumula Town. She seems to helpful and trusting, letting the stranger Crystal stay at her house when she had no where else to go. Selene volunteers for Team Plasma and has two Pokemon, a Togetic named Heart and a Chikorita named Emerald. Emerald eventually was left in Sae's care and renamed "Josh". She is implied to have a romantic interest in women, but her sexuality remains unknown. 

Devin - Devin works a volunteer for Team Plasma. He's known for a brief romantic interest in Sae (who was oblivious) and abandoning his Spearow Erik to Plasma's care after getting a mysterious promotion. Devin seems helpful, a bit flirty and friendly, eager to help Pokemon. His devotion to Pokemon's well-being has caused him to steal them from unworthy trainers. 

Jirachi - Jirachi is a selfish, rude and judgmental jerk. He uses Crystal's Absol Pen as his "steed" and has been seen following the protagonists. He doesn't have to grants wishes but if he does, Jirachi can choose to interpret them however he likes. Jirachi has some connection to Sae, having twisted one of his wishes in the past. 

Pestilence - She's a purple-mohawked figure disguised by a gas mask. Pestilence is first seen on the monitors of the Straiton Gym-Cafe, having destroyed the Dreamyard in the Horsemen's name. She was seen in person with War and Famine holding Elesa hostage in the Nimbasa Gym. Her belt stores smoke grenades and tear gas. 

War - War is the second Horseman, dressed in red knight armor. She is described as bratty and aggressive. War used to be Cali's trainer before she was stolen by Sae. The two reunited in Nacrene Gym, where Cali was killed defending Sae. The trio encountered War in Nimbasa's gym, where it was revealed she used to work for Elesa. War, known then as Valerie, quit before she could be fired, saying she got a better job offer.  

Famine - Famine is the third Horseman, formerly a green-haired, retired veterinarian named Faris. He has been helping wild Pokemon after the virus outbreak. His kindness had earned the respect and loyalty of many wild Pokemon. Though Famine is responsible for three of Sae's deaths, his Pokemon's glowing eyes imply it might have rabid. He has encountered the group in Castelia City, Driftveil City, and outside either Chargestone Cave or Undella Bay. 

N's Team Edit


Vesta - N's starter and the daughter of Alder's Volcarona, Himiko.  She was given to N as an egg by Alder and hatched while her mother died. Vesta is N's sassy little princess and tries to encourage him to interact more with other humans.

Mato - Mato was a Poliwag/Poliwhirl and N's first catch. He volunteered to join N's team, and acted as a sort of everyman. Mato was hospitalized after a misunderstanding with Tato, removing him from N's team for the rest of the story.

Cortana - Cortana is an Electrike/Manectric formerly belonging to Sae. He gave Cortana to N after realizing she wasn't a good fit for his team. She's a tomboy, finding it hard to act feminine.

Ragnorok - N's loud Swinub, who he was pressured to catch. He appears to speak in all caps.

Azalea - Azalea was Ghetsis's Lucario, given to N to protect him. She is very protective of N, wanting to be his number one Pokemon. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she would never be able to surpass Vesta.

Asel - A Petilil/Liligant formerly owned by Burgh. She used to be a model for his painting until N learned she'd rather be wild than a model. Asel joined his team (with Burgh's permission). She's very ladylike and dainty and carries a white, lace parasol.

Charli - N's Croconaw/Feraligatr who N rescued from Mewtwo's aura in Relic Castle. She has a mutated strain of the death virus, causing her to go into rabid states. When not rabid, Charli is gentle and timid, especially around Crystal.

Rupplet - Rupplet is N's Elgyem, found wandering around Nimbasa's amusement park. He's easy-going and meditative. He likes studying his surroundings.

Sabine - N's Zoroark. She's shy, using her illusion abilities to blend in. Like Azalea, she wants to keep N safe, but is more subtle about it. Unlike Azalea, she doesn't need N's approval.

Crystal's Team Edit


Yukina - Yukina is a Snorunt/Froslass and Crystal's new "starter" given to her at a Plasma rally. Yukina is snarky and stubborn, only accepting Crystal because of her ability to understand Pokemon. Yukina's blunt attitude can be off-putting, but she remains a dependable member of the team. 

Azrael - Azrael is a loyal, calm and collected Spearow/Fearow. He used to be Devin's Pokemon, called Erik then, until Devin left him in Team Plasma's care. He is sensitive about his abandonment, and was in denial for a short time. Azrael eventually decided to stay with Crystal after a brief conversation with Yukina in Castelia City. 

Neptune - Neptune is Crystal's Spheal and a friend of Mato. He's super optimistic. 

Sushi - Sushi is a Poliwag/Poliwhirl who Crystal accidentally catches. She's a bit of a bully. She dies after a rabid Totodile Charli attacks the team, weakened by sandstorm of the Desert Resort. 

Aia - Crystal's mischievous Litwick. She enjoys playing pranks on others, a trait that can sometimes get her into trouble. Aia was given to a kid she befriended, as Aia seemed happier in his company. 

Tiamat - Crystal's flirty Gligar. She is pansexual and will flirt with anyone, especially if they have wings. Attract is her favorite move. 

Zeal - Zeal was caught by Bris, and later given by Sae to Crystal. He acts as a laid-back "sunhat", relaxing open-mouthed on Crystals' head. He is infected with a mutated virus by Charli, and is later put into Plasma's care after attacking Crystal. 

Vuthuryol - Vuthuryol is Crystal's Gabite, who she caught after it was attacking Aia and a small kid. He wears a green scarf around his neck. 

Sae's Team Edit


Eyrie - Eyrie is a Rufflet and Sae's starter. He serves as the charismatic, unofficial leader of the team who makes sure everyone is doing ok. Since he was only shown in the background of a couple scenes, not much else is known. It's presumed he was hacked from a suspected Horsemen like most of Sae's other Pokemon.

Cornelius - Cornelius is possibly Sae's second Pokemon, a Marill/Azumarill. He was suspected of being the third starter until Eyrie was revealed to fans. Cornelius is eager to please and a poor liar. He eventually dies after being hit by either a car or boat while saving Mortuus.

Tato - Tato is a Shiny Wynaut/Wobbuffet stolen by Sae through an elaborate distraction plan. He's deaf, but Sae communicates with him through basic sign language. Tato is an aloof, friendly kid, but gets more serious after the Horseman Famine massacres half of Sae's team. He has a tight bond with Clio, acting as his protector.  

Clio - Clio is a baby Phione. His egg was discovered under the protection of the Axew Ono in Wellspring Cave. He eventually hatched, becoming the cute baby of the team. Clio is prone to crying, especially when out of water. 

Cali - Cali was a Shinx/Luxio who Sae hacked from the Horseman War. She is somewhat over-dramatic, needy princess who's easily annoyed. Cali eventually dies in a confrontation with War in the Nacrene Gym. She died to a wild Deino in game.  

Bracchium - Bracchiums is an older Roselia and a gentleman. Though a good battler, he prefers not to get dirty and likes staying in his ball. He joined Sae with the goal of finding out more about the Horsemen, but was eventually killed by Famine.  

Ono - Ono was Sae's Axew and protector of Clio. He was one of only wild Pokemon on Sae's team, dragged out of Wellspring Cave when Sae found Clio's egg. Ono is a quiet, lone wolf. He died to Famine in Plasma's Headquarters.  

Bris - Bris is Sae's Gothita and one of the first wild Pokemon he caught. She is a devout follower of "Dark Lord Arceus" and would give sermons in Pinwheel Forest. She joins after Sae beats her in a battle, declaring that Sae must have been sent as her vessel to spread her god's word. Sae saves her life from a wild Carnivine by catching her. Bris later dies to Famine in the Plasma Headquarters.  

Kenya - Kenya is a female Hippopotas formerly owned by a Punk Girl implied to Pestilence. Sae and Eyrie stole her from trainer and Eyrie talked her into joining the team. Kenya cooperates, wanting to prove her trainer's innocence. She's hot-headed and blunt.  

Baku - Baku is Sae's Hypno, who communicates with him using telepathy. She is described as an "obedient shadow, usually only speaking when spoken to and then being quiet and unassuming otherwise." Baku wears a Red Scarf almost like a mask. She was traded for Ebony.  

Josh - Josh was once Selene's Chikorita, formerly named "Emerald". He as separated from her and discovered by Sae, who nicknamed him "Josh". Josh is a sassy joker who tries to get Sae to lighten up. He repeatedly makes jokes about Sae and Crystal starting a relationship. Despite eventually reuniting with Selene, he decides to stay with Sae because how fun the journey is.  

Archer - Archer is Sae's Tirtouga, given to him by a Nacrene attendant in exchange for his fossil. According to Pokemontrainergigi, he "would either be very archaic and dated, having a horrible grasp on modern tech" or he'd "be very up to date and hip, maybe even a bigger computer wiz than Sae if not for his flippers." Archer was eventually killed in a battle with Death.  

Mortuus - Mortuus was abandoned by his trainer when his ball was dropped into a shipping channel or road. Cornelius managed to rescue him, though at the cost of his own life. Mortuus is withdrawn and quick to listen. He eventually stays with wild Pokemon who were defending Famine, causing Sae to abandon him.  

Ebony - Sae's Sneasel. He used to be one of Famine's old patients, and came into Sae's possession by a trade. He's described as a hipster.  

Tidbits Edit

  • The gameplay for Crystal is done by Pokemontrainergigi and the gameplay for Sae was done by Lupasolis. The specifics of Haunshaul's involvement are not well defined, as he was busy with his own comic, but he controls N to some extent. 
  • This comic started on Jaunary 4th, getting through almost 2 chapters before the author decided to reboot it on November 10th and moved it to a separate site. The original pages can still be found here , with the first chapter being identical to the one on the new site, save for the chapter cover and title. 
  • The comic was officially canceled on August 10th, 2016 after almost a month long hiatus. Pokemontrainergigi was putting off other comics to work on this one and, at the rate she was updating, it would have taken her a decade to finish. She continued to update with chapter summaries and plans to incorporate some of this run's characters into her CYOA comic. 

Available Edit

This run is available on Smackjeeves

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