Hale's current avatar; a scene from a far Superior Nuzlocke Run

Hale is a user on the Nuzlocke comics site, Pokedex #213, and joined on April 14, 2010. He mainly posts his fancomics in the forum pages:

His first Nuzlocke challenge was done on Pokemon: Emerald Version, a game and generation he was not familiar with. For the most part, only the basic rules were followed; One Pokemon per area, release Pokemon if it faints, and nickname everybody. An added rule was to only buy one Poke Ball per mart, but this ended up not having too much of an impact on the amount of characters he was able to obtain. He took time off from doing the comic to complete the game and finish hashing out the story, leaving whether or not he won against the Elite Four, the Champion, or Steven, a mystery.

His starter in Emerald was a Torchic nicknamed "Fowler". The first pokemon he caught, a Wurmple named "Mothra", died fairly quickly due to a critical hit from a Zigzagoon. Other bros have fallen in battle along the way, the most grievous being Cthulhu the Tentacool and Django the Wobbuffet.

Hale's Emerald Nuzlocke Comic is one of, if not the most, popular Fan Challenge Runs. The original thread garnered over 81 pages worth of comments, excluding some deleted bullshit that existed before. As a result, a new topic was started after the old thread became a Lovecraftain abomination consisting of bizarre rape fantasies and murder fanfics from the rather creepy fanbase. However, this did not stop the new topic from suffering from similar symptoms, with 7 pages dedicated to one comic. Like before, much of it was bizarre fetish fanfiction.

Aside from the main story, he has done a parody of his own comic, a Gallade/Gardevoir comic, and a fan/guest comic for Robot-7.

On Saturday, September 4th, the last page of the original comic was finally posted. After that, everything went crazy. Like, woah.

When Emerald was done, he continued to do a run on Platinum which is currently on hold for unknown reasons.

The original Gold version is planned to be the final run. These 4 will all be part of an overarching story, with Gold starring one of the characters from the previous 3 runs.

Hale has expressed interest in Nuzlocking White (or Black, whichever he gets) and doing a comic on it as well. It is unknown how it will fit into the "quadrilogy" of the other runs.

The Identity of the Shadowy Figure appearing in both the final parts of Emerald, talking to Steven, and the beginning of Platinum, tormenting to Cynthia, is currently unknown but it is widely believed that this figure is Red. The fact that Hale has planned to do Gold as his final run does back this up as Red would be the final villain of the story arc. However whether or not it will be Hale or a different character that appears in the Gold run is unknown.


Link to Complete Emerald Nuzlocke + aditional:

Link to ongoing Platinum Nuzlocke:

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