Make Gym battles/Elite 4 more challenging and apply a level limit.


  • Level limit: When leveling up your party before facing a Gym Leader/the Elite 4, your party's levels cannot exceed a predetermined level. If a Pokémon's level surpasses this, they may not be used until after the next Gym Leader is beaten. Some examples are given, but feel free to come up with your own restrictions/calculations.
    • Example 1: Static value- The level of any Pokémon in your party cannot be "X" more (X being any whole number, positive or negative) than the next Gym Leader's highest level Pokémon (e.g. Gen. I Brock has a level 14 Onix, your party cannot be above [14+X]). The smaller "X" is, the harder the challenge will be, with negative numbers being especially challenging.
    • Example 2: Next Gym's Pokémon count- however many Pokémon the next Gym Leader has determines how many levels above their highest level Pokémon yours can be. (e.g. Gen I Brock has 2 Pokémon, with a level 14 Onix as his highest level. Your party cannot be above 14+2=16).
  • Party limit: When facing a Gym Leader/the Elite 4, your party cannot contain more Pokémon than the amount your opponent's party contains. When facing the Elite 4, your party limit is equal to whichever opponent has the smallest party count; for example, Gen I Elite 4 members have 5 Pokemon but the Champion has 6, so you can at most use 5. Any other time you are permitted to have a full party of 6, or as many as you have available.

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