Greg's Pokequest

Greg's PokeQuest is a nuzlocke of Pokemon Red by Gregster101. It follows the story of Greg, as he travels across the Kanto Region to be the very best like no one ever was, while also dealing with his rival Trash (Blue) and the Nefarious Team Rocket.


1. Pokemon that faint must be released or permanently is dead!

2. Only the first pokemon from each new area can be caught. If it faints or runs away, nothing can be caught!

3. All pokemon must be nicknamed to form a stronger bond.

4. Dupes Clause: Duplicates are ignored (EX: First encounter is a Pidgey, yet a Pidgey is already on the team, the next pokemon seen can be caught. This also counts evolutions.)

5. No Legendaries


  • Greg told Professor Oak that Blue's real name was Trash because he has a bad memory when it comes to names.


Greg's PokeQuest: A Red Nuzlocke

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