PMD Sky: A Mystery Dungeon Nuzlocke is the second in the series of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs. This story focuses on Gigi's adventures in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon world after she is turned into an Eevee.

PMD Sky: A Mystery Dungeon Nuzlocke
by Pokemontrainergigi
Began June 9th, 2012
Status Failed
# Chapters/Updates 11 chapters, 405 pages
Finished October 5th, 2014
Game information
Game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
Region Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Universe
Chosen starter's type Normal and Fire
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring Full color
Protagonist Game based
Story details
Genre Comedy with some drama
Plot Game based but with some original content
Pokemon Yes
Nuzlocke Forum

Rules Edit

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead
  2. If either of the two starters die, it's game over.
  3. Only accept the first recruitment request gotten in a dungeon.
    1. Excluding special cases
    2. No duplicates (line counts too)
  4. Nickname everyone
  5. Legendaries can be recruited.
    1. But can only have one legendary on the team max
  6. Dispose of all Reviver Seeds
  7. One whiteout per boss allowed if their numbers are greater than team size

About Edit

Gigi wakes up on a beach with no memory of the previous run. She finds that she is no longer human but was turned into a Eevee for unknown reasons. After helping a Vulpix named Kiara get her relic fragment back, the two of them go to Wigglytuff's guild. Gigi ends up joining Kiara's team when she needs a partner, forming Team Sky. The two of them climb through the ranks of the guild, helping Pokemon and recruiting teammates. Along the way, Gigi learns about rabid Pokemon, who will are victims of a virus that makes them attack other Pokemon and the Evolution Crisis which prevents Pokemon from evolving. Soon they learn of time freezing and are called upon to save the world.

Characters Edit

Gigi - A loyal, spastic human-turned-Eevee who hopes to regain her lost memories. Formed an exploration team with Kiara when she needed a partner.

Kiara - A naive, ditzy Vulpix with a fear of pits who creates an Exploration Team with Gigi in order to solve the mystery of her relic fragment.

Bubble - A helpful West Sea Shellos who was Team Sky's first recruit. He has a fascination with training in order to lower the risk of death. Is sometimes mistaken for a female due to his coloring.

Stella - A shy Starly recruited in Mt.Bristle after Team Sky saved her home from the outlaw Drowzee. She is half-rabid, causing her to enter a feral, rabid state when provoked.

Meduza - A strong, cocky Tangela who was recruited in Waterfall Cave, once the strongest Pokemon there. After being defeated by Kiara, she considers her to be a rival. She died while foolishly taking on a rabid Rhyhorn by herself.

Cabbage - A hyperactive Butterfree who longs for the adventure an exploration team can bring, resulting in her joining Team Sky in Apple Woods.

Kara - A Cubone who often speaks in riddles. She has a habit of painting herself often in various markings.

Ginkgo - A sassy Grovyle who knew Gigi from when she was human. She makes an appearance as one of the two Grovyle representing the single one from the game. She adopted Teryx as her son after she was brought to the future.

Teryx - The adopted son of Ginkgo and the time gear thief in the present.

Tidbits Edit

  • Though the run technically ended in Brine Cave when Gigi died (due to her low stats), the comic doesn't end until the Dusknoir fight in the Hidden Land for plot reasons.
  • This run is over four times the length of the Emerald run, with 405 pages compared to Emerald's 71 pages.

Available Edit

This comic can be found on the Nuzlocke forums or on Smack Jeeves

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