Gigi's Emerald Nuzlocke is the first story in the Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs series created by Pokemontrainergigi. The plot centers on the exploits of Gigi as she adventures throughout the Hoenn region. It ran on Smackjeeves from October 11th, 2011 - June 13th, 2012.

Gigi's Emerald Nuzlocke
by Pokemontrainergigi
Began October 11th, 2011
Status Completed
# Chapters/Updates 9 chapters, 71 pages
Finished June 13th, 2012
Game information
Game Pokemon Emerald
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Grass
Comic description
Media comic
Coloring monochromatic with some color
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre Comedy with some dramatic moments
Plot Game based with some original plot points
Pokemon Yes
Nuzlocke Forum

The Rules Edit

  1. Box all fainted Pokemon. Do not use them ever again
  2. Catch first Pokemon you see. Legendary/shiny/gift Pokemon are legal.
  3. Nickname all Pokemon.
  4. Each floor counts as a new area

About Edit

The story begins with a mysterious figure abandoning Gigi in a moving van. She wakes up to the concerned wife of Norman, who is curious how she ended up in her moving van. Gigi doesn't remember, having amnesia. Norman's wife urges her to see the professor and from him Gigi receives her first Pokemon, Ginkgo the Treecko. Gigi sets off on a journey throughout Hoenn, hoping it will help jog her memory.

Along the way, Gigi has many misadventures where she takes playful jabs at the Pokemon world. Soon Gigi discovers she can talk to her Pokemon, a trait that is uncommon in humans. She also learns that Pokemon have begun to die in battle for unknown reasons. While at first she gathers badges, she eventually abandons the league challenge to save the world from Team Aqua and Team Magma, who each desire to release a legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Seen Edit


Ginkgo - A sassy Treecko/Grovyle with a distrust of trainers, having had several trainers before Gigi. Initially convinced that Gigi would abandon her, after figuring out Gigi could understand Pokemon speech she decided to stay to protect her. Ginkgo has since come to be a valuable, if outspoken, teammate.

Illusia - A Wurmple that died early on Gigi's journey before being characterized.

Fenrir - A Poochyena that died early on Gigi's journey before being characterized.

Appa - A helpful Zigzagoon who was Gigi's first death in her run. He died to a critical hit from a trainer's Taillow.

Derprill - A derpy Marill/Azumarill whom Gigi caught on her travels. She eventually stored him in the daycare and forgot about him, taking him out after losing all of her water Pokemon. He doesn't appear to be able to speak anything other than his name.

Feral - A heroic Poochyena who died saving the life of Canidae from a trap created by a Team Aqua Grunt.

Canidae - A timid Poochyena/Mightyena who was abandoned by a Team Aqua Grunt and left to die in a booby trap he had set up for unsuspecting people who tried to help her. While initially wary around humans after being abused, she became more comfortable after spending some time on the team.

Hydrus - A mute Magikarp/Gyarados Gigi fished up on her travels. He died to a trainer's Manectric's Thunder attack.

Metu - An Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam who remained a core part of Gigi's team since his capture.

Argent - A friendly Aron/Lairon who looks up to Ginkgo. He remained a core part of Gigi's team on her travels.

Ashley - A shiny Zubat/Golbat/Crobat Gigi caught on her travels. She acts as a prankster on the team and has a habit of laughing with a "Kekeke".

Ninjay - A friendly ninja Kecleon who directed Gigi to Mt.Pyre using her "sources".

Dazzle - A sympathetic, helpful Seaking who died to a Camerupt's stomp while fighting Team Magma.

Tidbits Edit

  • Although Ginkgo never evolved into a Sceptile in comic, she did so in game.
  • Ashley the Crobat was named after the author's friend who liked the Zubat line.

Available Edit

This comic can be viewed on Smackjeeves both in it's original content here and with the rest of the series here.

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