Official Genlocke Rules:

1: Only 2 pokemon from each generation can be in a party at the same time

2: These 2 pokemon needs to be different gender. Genderless pokemon

   can be paired with both male and female

3: Battle Style needs to be ''set''

Official Nuzlocke Rules:

1: A pokemon fainting will be considered ''dead'' and must be boxed

for ever never to be used again.

2: You are restricted to only catching the first pokemon you find in an area,

   if the first encountered pokemon faints or flees, you can not

   get another chance untill you discover a new area.

3: A pokemon needs to be nicknamed when caught to form stronger bonds

   between the player and his/her pokemon.


1: It's highly recommended to play any game after third generation

2: It's also highly recommended to randomize your game for more variaty

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