Fresh From the Market is a regular nuzlocke challenge on Pokemon Blue Version. An announcement on the creator's DeviantART shows that comics for the run are coming in December of 2016.

Rules Edit

  • If a pokemon faints, it is considered dead, and must be released. (Usually the creator puts the dead in a box, but it's hard to navigate to other boxes, so he releases them.)
  • You may only catch the first pokemon you find in an area. The exception is if you have the pokemon you find or it's evolutions.
  • You must nickname all of your pokemon foods or food related (like salt.).
  • A similar rule to that of Pettyartist and her lockes, no repels.

Characters Edit

Dough?- The main protagonist of Fresh From the Market. He is a naive, yet brave trainer from Pallet who desires to be a Pokemon master, and also prove that he can complete the challenge.

Dough?'s Pokemon Edit

Nameless Squirtle- In the official promo, Dough? is seen to have picked a Squirtle. It could be a female, as it has eyelashes.

Gallery Edit


  • The name of this challenge comes from the naming theme. The creator is nicknaming all of his Pokemon after foods and other stuff like spices and herbs.

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