Only allowed to catch Pokémon with types of Bug, Grass, Flying and Poison.


  • Catch rule clause: Similar to a regular nuzlocke, you are

limited to the first encounter that is one of the four "forest" types.

  • Catch rule clause: In game trades are not allowed.
  • Catch rule clause: Breeding is allowed.
  • Catch rule clause: You are not allowed to use the PC unless a

Pokémon has died and you are releasing it, then you must withdraw the next available Pokémon in your PC.

  • Failure: If you black or white out it is an immediate game over.
  • Heal Limiting: Items and Pokémon Centers are allowed for healing.

(Pokémon with dual types that are part "forest" type, e.g Ghastly [Ghost and Poison] are OK to catch.)

Optional Rules:

  • You must nickname all your Pokémon.
  • You can only use berries for healing.
  • Rock, Ground and Water considered "forest" types.

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