this is FiveLocke.

this is for any games in gen 2-3(including rom hacks)


  • the first Five Pokemon you catch you keep on your team for the rest of the game.
  • if there is an HM that you need and no pokemon on your team can learn it, you have to go catch a pokemon that can.
  • no trading your original 5 on any of the in game trades.
  • your pokemon live forever.
  • you can't evolve your starter past the second stage.
  • but if in the game you can get multiple starters(liquid crystal) then you can evolve those.
  • you can only have one legendary pokemon
  • if your game has two regions, you can choose two new pokemon in that region.(gen 2)
  • and you get to choose only two gift pokemon. (like the beldum Steven gives you)

this may be one of the easier lockes on this wiki

I don't know if there is one like this yet.

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