Fire Red: Hard Mode is a Pokemon nuzlocke by Nuzlocke. Its the second arc in the Pokemon Hard Mode storyline, direct sequel of Ruby: Hard Mode and the prequel of White: Hard Mode. Once again, this comic stars Ruby as he journeys through Kanto. It is a completed run and has 40 episodes total. Nuzlocke is currently working on White: Hard Mode.

The Rules

1. Catch only the first Pokemon per area (Viridian Forest, etc. count as their own areas).

2. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and must be released.

3. Nickname the Pokemon caught. They are your friends!

4. Before picking your starter, look at your Trainer ID, if the last number is 1-3 the trainer picks a grass type. If it's 4-6 for fire. And 7-9 is water. 0 is the trainer's choice.


In Fire Red: Hard Mode, Ruby tries once again to become champion, having failed in Hoenn at the end of Ruby: Hard Mode. Along the way, Ruby has to deal with Team Rocket and his irritating rival, Gary. Events concerining Mew and Mewtwo also occur and at the end are finally linked to Ruby's own journey and challenge. Humurous and serious, the comic follows both Ruby and Mew and Mewtwo as they evolve and progress through their own respective journeys before finally meeting each other at last in the final showdown of the story.

The world of Pokemon in Fire Red: Hard Mode, is similar to many other nuzlocke worlds. Ruby can understand what his Pokemon say, but this is not a unique trait, as everyone seems to be able to understand their Pokemon and each other.


  • Ruby: Ruby is the protagonist of Fire Red: Hard Mode. Born and raised in Hoenn, Ruby has entered Kanto in hopes of finally becoming a champion after being defeated by Steven, the champion of Hoenn.
  • Gary: Gary is Ruby's rival and tends to appear whenever Ruby wishes most that he wouldn't. He is rather shallow and is extremely narcisisstic and egotistical.
  • Giovanni: The head of Team Rocket, and viewed as an evil, mean person by Ruby.
  • Mew: Mew is responsible for the seal placed on Mewtwo's power and spends his days making sure that Mewtwo doesn't escape the cave and devastate humankind.
  • Mewtwo: Psychopathic and apathetic, Mewtwo wants nothing more than to leave Cerulean Cave and destroy the human race.

Ruby's Team and their fates.

  • Bruce: Bruce was a Charmander, and has evolved into a Charizard and is Ruby's first Pokemon. Sent back in time after killing Mewtwo
  • Desmond: Ruby's Mankey. Killed by Misty's Starmie
  • Whiskers: Ruby's Rattata. Killed by poison damage from a wild Weedle
  • Sawyer: Ruby's Pidgeot, also is briefly shown falling in love with Juliet. Killed by Mewtwo
  • Juliet: Ruby's Spearow. Killed by a wild Dugtrio.
  • Kadabra: Name is never directly given. Ruby's Kadabra. Killed by Surge's Raichu
  • Meowth: Name is never directly given. Ruby's Meowth. Killed by Gary's Wartortle
  • Doakes: Ruby's Dugtrio. Killed by Gary's Arcanine
  • Ms. Hissy: Ruby's Arbok. Killed by Koga's Muk
  • Blamo: Ruby's Electrode. Killed by Gary's Blastoise
  • Buddy: Ruby's Vileplume. Killed by Gary's Arcanine
  • Hurley: Ruby's Snorlax. Released before the battle with Mewtwo, and is assumed to be living in the Sevii Islands
  • Pony: Ruby's Seadra. Killed by Lance's Dragonite


1. Nuzlocke was the creator of the nuzlocke comic, making this comic and Ruby: Hard Mode effectively some of the first comics ever created.

2. Since the start of the nuzlocke comics, Nuzlocke has also created two other original comics: Space Cat and Speedrun. Speedrun, unfortunately, has been cancelled for an undefined period of time.

3. Ruby's adventure continues in White: Hard Mode, which stars Ruby's adventures in Unova and is ongoing.


The comics have been published on Nuzlocke's website.