Favlocke is a Nuzlocke variant in which you can only use your favorite Pokémon.

Rules Edit

  • In this challenge, only your favorite Pokémon may be used and trained. Exceptions are when they aren't found in the routes you already passed through.
  • You can only skip a wild Pokémon if it's not on your favorite list.
  • A maximun of 30 (thirty) Pokémon can be on your favorite list, meaning those will be the only ones you can catch through the whole game.
  • Player can only catch one Pokémon twice.
  • If the game you are playing only contains Pokémon for certain generations (example: Black and White not having sixth generation Pokémon), the list should be revised to have Pokémon for that certain generation.

Optional RulesEdit

  • Gen Favorite: Player can catch their favorite Pokémon but only from a specific generation. For example, if playing Red, Blue, Yellow, Leaf Green or Fire Red, only first generation Pokémon can be caught.
  • Player can catch Pokémon only if they are weaker than they weakest Pokémon.
  • Legendary Pokémon may or may not be used; if not used, player is forced to have less Pokémon on their favorite list.
  • If one of your favorite Pokémon is not a final evolution, it can't be evolved. Example: if Charmander is one of your favorites, you can't evolve it into Charmeleon. If it's accidentally evolved, it must be considered dead and permanently boxed.
  • If your favorite Pokémon is a final evolution, you can only catch it evolved. Example, if your favorite is Pidgeot, Pidgey can't be used or trained, even if it's going to evolve later.

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