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A Nuzlocke fan comic is an illustrated version of a Nuzlocke run. Almost all of them are based off actual nuzlockes made in Pokemon games either in cartridge or in emulator.

Taking notesEdit

To illustrate a Nuzlocke run the most important events of the run have to be noted so that they are not forgotten and further allows them to be illustrated. Some important events include:

  • Gameplay plot: Elements and events of the storyline of the game such as the starter being obtained, the appearance of the legends, etc.
  • Catches: Captured or obtained Pokemon in each area. Always have to show the name, the species and if is shiny; usually have to show the gender, the nature, the characteristic, the level and the area where it was obtained.
  • Battle moves: Take notes of the moves used in the most important battles such as Pikachu: Thunderbolt, Charmeleon: Hyper potion and the optional showing of the life gauge in green, yellow or red.
  • Deaths: During a loss, you have to denote how you lost the Pokemon. After the loss, it's recommendable to show the RIP letters and the name of the Pokemon with the level you got it and when you lost it. For example, if you lose your starter: RIP "Name" Lv 5-"Level died".


  • Cover: The cover of the comic showing elements if the nuzlocke. Even when is optional, is very common.
  • Rules: Almost all Nuzlockes show the rules on a page. It may only contain the rules or be included with a picture.
  • Regular pages: Regular comic stripes of the Nuzlocke.
  • Videos: Generally, the best well known comics have animated videos showing catches, deaths, tributes, evolutions, etc.
  • Extras: Extra comics or drawing showing the characters in situations.
  • Epilogue: When the Nuzlocke ends, there can be an epilogue. It may show all the fallen ones or what happened to the characters at the end. Comics like A Petty Nuzlocke: Leaf Green Edition and YTWC's Nuzlocke have video epilogues showing all the fallen ones.


There are already thousands of Nuzlocke comics on the internet most of them being available on Deviantart. Here are some examples of well known comics:

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