Creating a strong bond with only six Pokémon. Each Pokémon is to be treated like a family member, hence the full title of "Familylocke". This is similar to a Sixlocke.


  • Catch rule clause: Catch one Pokémon in each area until you have six (Your starter Pokémon included), then Wondertrade them off. The Pokémon you receive back are the only ones you must use. No Legendary Pokémon are to be used, no Pokémon given by an NPC are to be used.
  • Catch rule clause: No in-game trading.
  • Catch rule clause: If you have Pokémon that cannot learn vital HMs to get through an area (Ex: None can learn Surf), then you may catch a Pokémon to teach HMs to. This HM Pokémon cannot be used for battles and must be left in the PC. It cannot replace a Pokémon that has fainted.
  • Catch rule clause: Once you have all six Pokémon, you must sell the rest of your Pokéballs. Exception: If the story calls for the capture of a Legendary Pokémon to proceed, then you may use the Master Ball that you were given or you may buy Pokéballs. That Legendary must not replace a member of your team and it must be released (if the game asks you to put the Legendary in your party, then you must decline).
  • Faint rule clause: When one of your Pokémon faints, it must be Wondertraded off, and the Pokémon you receive back must be released no matter what it is (Sort of like freeing your Pokémon's spirit). No other Pokémon are to be caught to replace the fallen member.
  • Heal limiting: You may only visit Pokémon Centers twice per town/city. Potions may not be used, Revives may not be used, and status healers cannot be used.
  • Failure: When all six Pokémon in your party faint, the challenge is over.
  • Leveling: All Pokémon must be the same level throughout the game.
  • Leveling Exception: If you have a Pokémon that is a high level then you must wait until you can use that Pokémon. No Wondertrading that Pokémon off.
  • PC rule clause: PC may not be used unless you are releasing or Wondertrading a Pokémon that knows an HM move, or if you are storing an HM move Pokémon.
  • Success: After the Elite Four is beaten, the challenge ends.
  • Once you are down to your final surviving Pokémon, you must use Pokémon-Amie to raise its affection to the highest level. This will make parting from this last Pokémon even harder.