by author name
Began when it started
Status actual status of the run
# Chapters/Updates pages
Finished when it ended
Game information
Game version
Region game region
Chosen starter's type first pokemon type
Comic description
Media comic, literature, mixed, photo, etc...
Coloring monochromatic or full color
Protagonist original design or game based
Story details
Genre drama, action, comedy, adventure, romance, etc...
Plot game-based, original, etc...
Pokemon if they speak
Nuzlocke Forum
The Nuzlocke Forums link
deviantArt gallery [dA]

general information

(Please note that the "fanrun comic" infobox at right (visual)/above(source code) should be replaced with Template:Infobox fanrun other for non-comic runs. Either way, please look at the template pages so that you fill in the template with the correct words!)


run rules, examples:

  1. Only catch one Pokemon per route, it must be the first encounter
  2. When a Pokemon faints you must box it forever.
  3. Nickname all your Pokemon.

(If there is a rules page for a rule/ruleset you're using, link it!)


description of the run or plot summary

This section should be used to describe things like worldbuilding or detailed update summaries.


Characters description

The subsections here can be flexible - common divisions include Main team/Other humans/Other Pokemon' and Humans/MC's team. Further subsections such as active team/boxed/dead/other are also fine to use!

These are far from the only divisions as well, particularly if a run has clearly defined different factions.


curious data, trivia, etc.


pages were it can be found

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