ETHFAR is a poem created by Eclipse the night before they went for Victory Road, and the last poem she created before her death. There are only two living pokemon who know the poem, Ashien and Parker.

Poem Edit

Everything Happen for a Reason Edit

By: Eclipse

A start is a sunrise.

Pure gold colors as it goes.

Stretching past the vast land.

A ribbons of light untold.

A triumph is a shooting star.

Flying past the sky.

There for a moment, but always remembered.

Until the day they die.

A fallen is a snowflake.

Along with many others.

Among millions that have landed.

But another like it is never found.

A heartbreak is a falling stone.

Rolling down deeper.

But unless it's caught.

It falls and breaks to peices.

A friendship is flower.

Growing bigger everyday.

With love and care.

It stronger than the weeds and storms.

A battle is a dangerous flood.

Raging on unexpected.

But when it's done.

The casulaties are inspected.

The final stand is like a sunset.

Though dark as the fear dips down.

For it's always dark before the dawn.

The wonder of the new journey true.

Everything happens quicky.

And has a differn't meaning for others.

Though it may never be pleasing.

Everything happens for a reason.

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