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Eryll's Journey is currently on a break till the start of the new year. 

It's fully colored and shaded, and the pages are fairly long. Despite the art style being described as "cute", there is quite a bit of graphic violence later in the story. 


  • If a Pokemon faints - release it. 
  • Only catch the first Pokemon in an area.
  • Dupes Clause. (Five chances to find a Pokemon not caught before.)
  • Shiny Clause.
  • Nickname all Pokémon. 


Eryll is a young girl that sets out on her very own Pokémon adventure! But why would a girl who doesn't seem care about Pokémon at all go on an adventure? Why does she care about the League? And will she be able to even get there when she sees Pokémon as nothing but mere tools to do her bidding? 


Eryll is a headstrong, but very naive girl with big dreams, though her naivity often comes off as uncaring and cold. 

  • Alew the Bulbasaur
  • Lora the Rattata
  • Enala the Mankey

Owen is Eryll's best friend and rival. Unlike her, he has a huge passion for Pokémon. He's a very carefree person.

  • Travis the Charmander 
  • Dre the Pidgey


  • It's commonly known that Pokémon can't understand humans unless it's simple, generic commands, such as the names of their attack moves. However, Alew appears to understand Eryll to some extend. 
  • Eryll's parents are both fairly well known Pokémon trainers. She uses this to her advantage. 
  • Eryll is not completely cold towards her Pokémon. She has what I like to call a "Farmers Mentality". She cares for them, she helps them grow, and then she "eats" them. She doesn't really eat them, she simply uses them for her own gain in the end. 


You can read Eryll's Journey on DeviantArt and Smackjeeves

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