Emerald Skies Cover copy

Cover to UmbreonGal's Emerald Nuzlocke Comic "Emerald Skies"

Emerald Skies is a Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Emerald by UmbreonGal (a.k.a. "Gumby"). The first page was posted on May 18, 2011, and the comic is still ongoing.

The protagonist Elon is sent to Hoenn and reluctantly starts on a journey through the region with the leftover Mudkip in Birch's lab. Alongside him and her other Pokemon, she confronts death, love, Gym Leaders, villainous teams, and her own, troubled past.

The RulesEdit

  1. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and must be permanently boxed. Sub point: If a Pokemon is killed in an area the player may capture an additional Pokemon to take their place. Sub Point: Wild KO's don't count for death.
  2. Capture the first Pokemon on each route. Sub Point: Safari Zone is a free-for-all
  3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
  4. A black/white out is "game over"
  5. Potions cannot be used during trainer battles, but can be used in grinding sessions and between trainer battles.
  6. Legendaries can be caught, but cannot be used.

There were other rules in place, but UmbreonGal changed them during game play since it made game play frustrating.


UmbreonGal started her comic as a way to building her drawing and story telling skills in a comic format. The comic's art has improved from a clunky manga style to something more refined as well as the artist's personal style rather than trying to copy the Pokemon style of art. The pages have varied in length and whether or not they are colored, but has recently settled on shorter pages with full color and shading.

The story focuses on Elon and her Pokemon as they interact with one another and deal with various situations and obstacles that come up along the way. It has a serious overtone due to that factor, but the story does have its light-hearted moments as well.


  • UmbreonGal does have a script for the actual game play, but has admitted to changing things around and adding stuff for story telling/exploration purposes.
  • The character Gryff is based upon UmbreonGal's younger brother and his uncataloged Emerald run. His character is the trainer that chose Torchic as his starter and is Norman's son.
  • The protagonist, Elon, is named after UmbreonGal's Sci-Fi teacher from high school who also taught mythology. This also explains the theme to the nicknames given to the Pokemon throughout the run.
  • The title "Emerald Skies" came from the connection Rayquaza has to the game and has little connection to the actual story. The title also shares UmbreonGal's real life first and last initials.
  • Emerald Skies has yet to be nominated for any awards.


Emerald Skies is published on UmbreonGal's dA (cover here)  and is also available on the Nuzlocke Forum

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