ENDC (Emerald Nuzlocke Destiny Challenge) is a recently started nuzlocke comic based on the pokemon Emerald game. The comic is drawn by PitchBlackEspresso and can be found here.

The comic is drawn with pencils and pigment liner, and until now only a few finished pages are uploaded. The comic can be found on deviantArt and the Nuzlocke Forums on Zetaboards. It starts as a rather comedic run only to become serious and darker later. This comic will bring up serious topics and complicated themes.

Basically, this won't be only a "pokemon journey", but the journey of a young girl who is looking for her place. And she will have some friends to help her out.

About the runEdit

ENDC is a pokemon Emerald nuzlocke challenge run and takes place in the region of Hoenn. The protagonist, Vera (female), recently moved with her family from another region to the small town called Littleroot. Her father works as a gym leader in the nearby Petalburg City and her mother stays at home. Vera, feeling uncomfortable towards the idea of living at such a place, is given a Mudkip (Landon, male) by professor Birch. This sets the start of her-unwanted- pokemon journey.

Many things that happen in the comic will be different from the main games series, such as new characters, different relationships between in-game character and the appearance of other legendary pokemon beside the main three Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza.

The comic will be about friendship and trust, but also about despair and death. Pokemon will play a big role, but also many other arguments like negligence, fears and secrets. Update time can change.

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